Breaking Down Each 2015 5-Star QB Recruit

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IMarch 19, 2014

Breaking Down Each 2015 5-Star QB Recruit

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    Credit: 247Sports

    In the 247Sports composite rankings, there are several talented 5-star quarterback prospects in the 2015 class. A pair of them resides in California, while the passer with the biggest upside is from Texas.

    Plus, a 5-star quarterback from Florida has established himself at the position after hearing talk he would need to make a switch in college.

Jarrett Stidham

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    At 6'3.5" and 190 pounds, 5-star quarterback Jarrett Stidham is loaded with potential. He's an athletic passer who shows quick feet in his drops, as well as the movement skills to climb back into the pocket when being squeezed from the edges.

    He has a quick release to get the football to receivers in a hurry. He shows solid anticipation skills to throw into windows and can pitch with accuracy. As far as his arm strength, the Texas native has no issues in that department.

    Stidham can power and push the football downfield with good velocity, and attacking defenses outside the hashes will not be a problem. Mobility and athleticism are big parts of his game.

    He has the ability to elude rushers and escape the pocket to make throws on the run. He also can be used on zone-read running plays, as the Texas Tech commit has solid speed and elusiveness to be a threat as a runner.

    He'll need to continue developing as a decision-maker, but Stidham has major upside.

Torrance Gibson

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    Nearly a year ago, Torrance Gibson was considered an athlete who was going to have to play receiver or safety in college.

    Since then, he's gotten more reps to prove he's capable of playing quarterback at the next level, and now he's considered a 5-star prospect. From Florida, he is 6'4" and 200 pounds.

    He pitches lefty and can do some damage with his arm. He has quick feet in his drops and can stand tall in the pocket before delivering. His release can be quirky sometimes, but the ball comes out fine.

    Gibson doesn't appear to have a cannon, but he doesn't struggle to attack the third level. His accuracy is streaky; sometimes it's precise, and other times it's off. However, he's a mobile passer who can attack the edges of the line of scrimmage and make solid throws on the run.

    He has no issues in eluding rushers, and he does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield. Gibson is a dangerous threat as a runner, as he has good vision and speed like a running back.

    If he can clean up his mechanics and delivery, he has a chance to be a stud in college. Miami and Ohio State are the favorites, per 247Sports.

Ricky Town

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    Among the top overall prospects in the country is 5-star quarterback Ricky Town. From California, he originally committed to Alabama, only to flip to USC earlier this year.

    At 6'4" and 205 pounds, he is a polished passer with great mechanics and intelligence. He does a terrific job of surveying defenses before the snap, plus he adjusts well after the snap. This is an intelligent quarterback who understands how to beat coverages.

    Town sets up well in the pocket with a good base after showing solid balance in his drops. He can change his arm-slot when delivering the ball, and his release is easy and quick.

    The Golden State native has classic above-average arm strength, as well as the ability to loft balls over defenders with touch. He understands how to get proper trajectory on his throws, and his accuracy is impressive. He throws with good anticipation and timing, plus he keeps his eyes downfield when throwing.

    He's not awfully athletic or mobile, but Town isn't exactly a sitting duck in the pocket. Big things are expected out of him when he arrives in Troy.

Josh Rosen

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    The other half of the 5-star quarterback duo in California is Josh Rosen. The 6'4", 205-pounder has a ton of physical tools, as well as the mental acumen to excel as a college quarterback.

    He has a similar skill set to Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

    Rosen has a long frame, and he does a lot of stuff off play action. He moves around on the field with a lot of confidence, and he's a director in the pre-snap phase. He reads coverages well and doesn't get rattled often by blitzes.

    He has nimble feet when setting up and stands tall in the pocket. His release is quick, but his arm strength could be his best asset. He can rifle the football into tight windows, as well drive it with authority to targets deep down the field.

    Rosen is a consistent and accurate passer who uses quick and good judgment to determine what type of throw he needs to make to complete a pass. He leads his receivers as much as he can, so they can have room to run after the catch.

    The Golden State passer also is a deceptively mobile quarterback who has some ability to buy time and make plays with his legs. At this point, it would take an alien abduction for Rosen to not land at UCLA. 

    Greg Biggins of said on Feb. 24: "Rosen has a strong relationship with Bruin head coach Jim Mora and quarterback coach Taylor Mazzone, his primary recruiter." 


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