Reported Update on Rey Mysterio's Future with the WWE

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2014


With the likes of CM Punk leaving the WWE in recent months, there has been talk of more top stars following him out the door in the near future.

One of those guys in question is Rey Mysteriowhose contract will expire later this year. Perhaps it will be no surprise if he leaves the company, as his chances on TV have become severely limited over recent months.

However, it looks like he is sticking around. According to PWInsider (h/t Lords of Pain), Mysterio is set for a new contract with the WWE. Marc Middleton writes:

As noted in an interview yesterday, Rey Mysterio said he plans on sticking around with WWE and re-signing a new deal when his current contract expires soon.

Word last month was that WWE was planning on downplaying Rey on TV until he re-signed or informed them that he was leaving. A new deal is expected to be signed soon and Rey will be staying with WWE.

Given how many guys will be either leaving the company or becoming inactive again when WrestleMania XXX concludes, this is a smart bit of business from the WWE. Mysterio still has a lot to offer, and it would have been a shame to see him depart.

He can still perform well inside the ringwhen he is fit, at least. Injuries have blighted him in recent years, but he looks to be in decent shape right now.

One more good run may not be out of the question.

He has been a fantastic servant to the WWE during his tenure with the company, and if he does leave next year, he deserves a good send-off from creative.

Even at the age of 39, Mysterio provides value, both inside and out of the ring. He is a marketable asset for the company with his merchandise sales and is currently in Europe, promoting the company. Even though he has been injured for lengthy periods, he is still a recognizable star for the WWE.

If he does get one more lengthy run at the top end of the company after WrestleMania, it would be nice to see him hopefully stay fit. A fit and healthy Mysterio can draw huge reactions from crowds on a regular basisand his great service to the company should be rightly honored.

All in all, it is great news to see Mysterio potentially sign on with the WWE once again. Even though he is out of the picture at the moment, he will once again emerge as a great asset for the company following WrestleMania XXX.