Los Angeles Dodgers Are Soaring: MLB Power Rankings

Greg RiotAnalyst IJune 15, 2009

13 Jun 2001:  Hiram Bocachica #33 of the Los Angeles Dodgers reacts as he is tagged out at third base by Scott Sheldon #4 of the Texas Rangers after Shawn Green #15 hits a single in the first inning at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. Mandatory Credit: Danny Moloshok/ALLSPORT

Dodgers & Rangers are Still Hot, Philly and Boston Jump Up Rankings

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers battled it out against each other in interleague play this past week.

Both teams played very well but the Dodgers did the best and continue to win, and lead with Manny Ramirez not playing.

The two biggest movers? Boston and Philadelphia who showed the gambling world, and MLB fans, that they are indeed ready to take charge in their respective leagues.

MLB: Power Rankings

1. Los Angeles Dodgers 41-22 ATS +1638 units 31-32 RL +69 units - - The Dodgers got to play an interleague series against the number two ranked team in the power rankings, the Texas Rangers. They held their own and continue to win with Manny Ramirez suspended. This week they continue interleague play against the Oakland Athletics, which should raise their units won, before taking on the L.A. Angels.

2. Texas Rangers 35-26 ATS +1113 units 33-28 RL +560 units - - If bettors learned anything from their series against the Dodgers, it’s that they are indeed a very good team. Their WHIP, as a starting rotation, is still too high for some gamblers but they continue to give a good accounting of themselves. Houston and San Francisco are next which means that the Rangers could win three, four or even five of their next six games.

3. Boston Red Sox 33-24 ATS +304 units 30-27 RL +615 units - - In the second of their three game series versus the Yankees last week, they were down 3 to 1 going into the 8th winning and came back to win 4 to 3. They own the Yankees. They also won 2 out of 3 against the Phillies. Yes, the Red Sox are indeed coming alive at this time in the season.

4. Philadelphia Phillies 35-25 ATS +636 units 33-27 RL +1121 units - - They continue to climb in the power rankings because they continue to win and keep raising the units won. Going 2 and 1 against the Mets was impressive. They did lose 2 out of 3 against Boston but that’s okay. A series against Toronto will be interesting this week, but after that they get to play Baltimore. So, if anything, I expect them to be .500 this week in the sportsbook.

5. Milwaukee Brewers 34-28 ATS +530 units 34-28 +805 units - - Getting swept by Colorado was just awful and then having to duel with the Chicago White Sox wasn’t very good either. The Brewers came back to earth last week. They’ve got two tough interleague series this week against the somewhat hot Cleveland Indians and the very dangerous Detroit Tigers.

6. San Francisco Giants 33-28 ATS +511 units 37-23 RL +1715 units - - San Francisco moved up big time, particularly on the run line, this past week when they beat both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Oakland Athletics like a drum. Two very tough series against the Texas Rangers and L.A. Angels this week means they might drop out of the power rankings altogether.

7. Detroit Tigers 34-28 ATS +445 units 30-32 RL -291 units - - Gamblers shouldn’t even consider this team for a wager on the run line as they just haven’t done well at all in that category. But ATS, they’ve been good enough for +445 units. Going 3 out of 5 against the White Sox before taking on Pittsburgh was very good, but this week things get tough for Detroit as they face both the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers back to back.

8. Cincinnati Reds 31-30 ATS +379 units 37-24 RL +939 units - - They went 1 and 2 against Washington and were swept by the Kansas City Royals. Talk about coming back down to earth! The Reds take on the Atlanta Braves, who can beat them, and then the Chicago White Sox, who can beat them, this week. They could be in for a very tough time.

9. Los Angeles Angels 31-29 ATS +337 units 31-29 RL -85 units - - The 1 and 2 against Tampa Bay wasn’t great, but sweeping the San Diego Padres was nice. The biggest issue for the Angels this week will be the Los Angeles Dodgers later in the week. Before that, they should be able to win at least 2 out of 3 against the San Francisco Giants.

10. Pittsburgh Pirates 29-33 +176 units 26-36 RL +495 units - - The Pirates make it back into the top ten because everybody is below +100 in units won or minus in units won. Pittsburgh went 2 and 2 against Atlanta and beat Detroit in 2 out of 3 games. They face Minnesota and Colorado this week. Both teams could beat them. So, they need to stay sharp.