Twins Mascot Makes Grab with Mouth, Brings Mania to Lazy Spring Training Game

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The Twins mascot is already in midseason form. 

Business Insider's Cork Gaines spotted the one video that truly matters this spring training. It's not the first foray of instant replay on the field or a stirring start for an embattled pitcher. 

No, we have a mascot web gem for you on this fine Wednesday. 

In Tuesday's clash of the Rays and Twins at Hammond Stadium, something amazing happened: The cameras had to take time away from an exhibition-game blowout to look at the stands. 

When a meaningless game in March rests at 8-1 in the seventh, the mind starts to wander. Thankfully, the Twins mascot, T.C., saves the day and the game that would end up going to the Rays, 11-3, from complete monotony. 

A foul ball heads over to the ball boy, who immediately flips it into the stands. Armed with tiny paws and the inability to see peripherally, T.C. chooses to make the catch with his mouth that is permanently agape. 

It's the right choice, and he makes a grab Manny Machado would appreciate. Of course, that grab impresses all the kids and parents around him, leading to a wave of, "Me, me, me, me, me!" 

I really hope T.C. took that ball and chucked it back onto the field, because being a Twins fans should begin and end with disappointment. 

Either way, we have to agree with the announcer who offers, "Nice catch."

It really was, and we really appreciate the reminder that the Twins decided it was in their best interest to have a mascot and make it a bear, foregoing what would have been a far better opportunity to have Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as the mascot. 

We will take the bear, because it's dishing out more than frivolity and cheer. It's breaking up the tedium of spring with athleticism, creativity and a smile that just made the play of the game. 

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