The 10 Most Intriguing Players of the 2009 NFL Season

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The 10 Most Intriguing Players of the 2009 NFL Season

So after reading a rather flawed entry to the genre (let's just say it was "overrated"), I decided to compile my first ever Bleacher Report top 10 list.

The inaugural topic is, "Top 10 Most Intriguing Players of the 2009 NFL Season." There are probably dozens of players who can fill out a list like this, but the 10 I've selected all bear a significant subplot to the upcoming football season.

Some are franchise players for their teams, and others are setting up shop with new teams, while one guy on this isn't even on a team...yet.

Before we get started, there are two overly publicized players who will NOT be on this list. Neither of them, in my view, should play one snap this upcoming season, albeit for different reasons. Just to get it out of the way...

Michael Vick

As a dog lover, I would like to see nothing else than No. 7 never play another game in the NFL. I was originally a big fan of his, but the crime he committed was simply too heinous for any team's fanbase to welcome him with open arms.

And let's face it, he was already fading drastically as a capable NFL quarterback.

Brett Favre

While I'm not as fervent in my disdain for Favre as I am with Vick, his is another story I rather not see played over and over again on ESPN.

I know I'm going to come off as a bitter Jets fan, but seriously, who isn't sick of this guy? His constant, yet calculated, effort to have everything revolve around his washed-up career is simply too nauseating for any football fan to stomach.

If the Vikings want to turn camp into "Favre Fest 2009" and potentially mess with the psyche of their future Hall of Fame running's their funeral.

OK, let the countdown commence!

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