Drink in This Painting of George Washington Posterizing Kim Jong-Un

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 19, 2014


Haven’t fought against oppression yet today? Start by drizzling this patriotic masterwork over your eyeballs.

Spotted by John Ferensen of NextImpulseSports.com, the composition is a painting showing George Washington dunking over Kim Jong-un.

The painting was allegedly crafted by redditor I_may_be_Dead, who writes that a fellow redditor commissioned him to paint a picture of America’s first president posterizing the North Korean despot as Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Stalin watch.

It’s difficult to know where to begin in praising this work of high art, as there are so many places where the artist went right. 

Washington is sleeveless. The fallacy of a moneyless utopia is being dunked into oblivion. Sparks are falling thicker than orphan tears. Best of all, Abraham Lincoln is boxing out. The man who abolished slavery is clearing the lane. Against Stalin.

You can’t teach this, folks. This is an eye for detail and historical accuracy you just don’t get anymore. 

Thank you, Reddit. Now if we can only get Teddy Roosevelt crossing over Vladimir Putin as JFK signals for the alley-oop, we’ll be well on our way to filling up an entire wing of the Smithsonian. 


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