Cavaliers Fan Gets Ejected After Tweeting That He Would Run onto Court

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 18, 2014

via @_GodsSolider_10

Fans promising to run onto the court or field if they reach a certain number of retweets has become a trend, but it's also a way for a fan to get tossed from the arena or stadium.

Security has been an issue at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena in recent seasons. Last season, a fan ran onto the floor to beg the Miami Heat's LeBron James to come back to his hometown team. Earlier this year, another fan ran onto the court to greet Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving.

The security at the arena hasn't looked good after those incidents. It looks like the Cavaliers are cracking down on any fan looking to gain attention on social media.

With the Heat in town on Tuesday, one fan in the first row decided to make a promise on Twitter:

As it got closer to 1,000 retweets, it looked like he was going to stick to his word:

His tweet was making its way around the Internet and reached more than 1,000 retweets. However, security stepped in:

He did offer up some advice after he got ejected:

Any fan who is looking for attention on social media better be prepared to pay the consequences.

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