The Most Insane Sports Brawls from Around the World

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2014

The Most Insane Sports Brawls from Around the World

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    Although it's not really a part of sports, it's always exciting when fans are treated to an unexpected sports brawl.

    Of course, no one wants to see a guy get seriously hurt, but seeing a bunch of athletes out there trying to throw haymakers and hammer punch another guy adds intrigue to the game going on.

    Things can get taken a bit too far sometimes, though, and these most insane sports brawls prove that.

Eric Cantona vs. Matthew Simmons (English Premier League)

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    Even though this kung-fu karate kick happened all the way back in 1995, it still remains as one of my personal favorites.

    After former Manchester United star Eric Cantona got sent off following a red card, he wasn't about to hear it from Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons, leaping feet-first into the stands before leaving the pitch.

    Even better than the Man U's striker reaction was his thoughts on the incident afterwards, saying it was one of the finer moments during his career.

    Sadly, it looks like the Frenchman has quite the temper, as he got busted just last week on assault charges while in London.

Miami vs. Florida International (NCAA Football)

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    In a classic case of little brother finally standing up to big brother's bullying, Florida International found themselves squaring up, swinging and kicking the Miami Hurricanes back in 2006, causing a scene that college football doesn't want to see.

    The melee featured it all—including body-slamming and, yes, an injured player swinging with his crutch—proving that the two schools located just a few miles from each other share some real hate.

    The fallout from it all saw 13 Hurricanes and 18 Golden Panthers suspended, with no one remembering who even won the game—which happened to be Miami, 35-0.

    Big brother wins again.

Georgetown Hoyas vs. Bayi Military Rockets (College Basketball)

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    After compiling this list, I've come to a few conclusions.

    First, basketball has a lot more fights than fans probably think. And second, college kids seem to have a lot of pent up anger.

    This fight between the Georgetown Hoyas and the Bayi Military Rockets in 2008 proved both of those things, as the supposed friendly exhibition ended with guys being pinned to the ground like a wrestling match and fans throwing whatever they could towards Hoyas players.

    The bad news for spectators? The game was actually a barnburner, with the score tied at 64 before the fight broke out, and play never resuming with just under 10 minutes left.

Australian Rugby League Fight

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    For anyone who has ever watched rugby, they know that the entire match is basically a tussle, with guys tackling and hitting other players without any pads.

    This, though? Well this was actually one that saw punches thrown.

    It led to the captain of one of the teams getting sent off—along with a bunch of burly, semi-insane dudes swinging at each other—so this would probably be the brawl I'd least like to find myself in on this list.

Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees

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    The hate between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is well-known, but during the mid-90s, the fire between the Bronx Bombers and Baltimore Orioles may have been even more bitter.

    And the best part about this fight between the two clubs is that it just wouldn't end.

    Teams often compare games to heavyweight fights, but the analogy was actually true in this case, with waves of fighting happening as if it was a new round each time, with the punches even spilling over into the dugouts.

Sagrado Corazón vs. Caribbean University (College Basketball)

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    By the looks of this video, pissing off a collegiate athlete in Puerto Rico doesn't look to be the wisest of choices.

    That's because this big fella bowls over coaches, hops over chairs and tries his best to take out an entire team before the bench made of chairs collapses and he gets himself pummeled.

    This one just happened a few weeks ago, showing that March Madness is more than just an American thing.

Navegantes Del Magallanes vs. Caribes De Anzoátegui (Venezuelan Baseball)

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    After a batter gets plunked during a baseball game, it's usually the player getting hit who retaliates by rushing the mound.

    Things must be different in the Venezuelan League, though, as it was a teammate from the dugout who charged the mound to start a huge fight.

    That guy's name? Former MLB pitcher Carlos Zambrano, only proving that Big Z has some temperament issues he really needs to try and take care of.

Utah Valley vs. New Mexico State (NCAA Basketball)

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    Although it's one of the most recent fights on this list—happening just a few weeks ago—it happens to be one of the scariest because fans got involved.

    Following the buzzer sounding for the end of the game, New Mexico State guard K.C. Ross-Miller chucked the ball at Utah Valley player Holton Hunsaker, creating a scene that escalated about as quickly as the anchor fight in the movie Anchorman.

    And because fans were seen throwing fists and being a part of it, it has to be recognized as one that should try to avoid being duplicated.

Cruz Azul vs. Morelia (Mexican Soccer)

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    When it's do or die in an elimination game, emotions can run high.

    So it's probably no surprise that this fight between Cruz Azul and Morelia in 2011 occurred during the semifinal of the Mexican Clausura.

    Still, it definitely got a lot bigger than anyone would have expected, with anyone who stepped foot on the field—which included coaches and fans—taking part.

    In the end, three red cards were shown and a memorable fight entertained us all.

Russian Hockey League Fight

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    Maybe it's true that kids watching violence only encourages them to do it themselves?

    At least, that's what some might have thought after seeing a bunch of kids from Russia engage in one of the craziest fights ever last year.

    With kids getting tossed around like rag dolls, you'd think parents and coaches would step in to try and break things up. But that doesn't happen until about two minutes into the thing, proving that to be a kid in Russia is to be a complete badass.

Kazakh vs. Lokomotiv (Kazakhstan Soccer)

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    The kung-fu kick that the aforementioned Eric Cantona had on an opposing fan was crazy, but the one that former Kazakhstan soccer player Armand Masimzhanov showed during a match in 2011 is flat out scary.

    After an intense tackle on an opposing player, tempers naturally flared between Kazakh and Lokomotiv, when things got taken to the next level by Masimzhanov, who blindly karate kicked opposing player Radmir Muksinova.

    For his attempt at a black belt, Masimzhanov was banned for life.

Canada vs. USSR (World Juniors Hockey)

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    With all due respect to the announcer, calling this "a real skirmish" is probably one of the biggest understatements I've ever heardthis was a battle royale.

    Earning the name the "Punch-up in Piestany," USSR and Canada found out that they didn't like each other too much, with every player finding their way on the ice to engage in the brawl back in 1987.

    Seeing how the refs had to shut off the lights in an attempt to restore order is hilarious, embarrassing and epic all at once.

Votuporanguense vs. Fernandopolis (Brazilian Soccer)

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    Who knew that a red card could cause so much damage?

    After a player got taken down just outside the box, it seems his teammates weren't too fond of the opposing player's tackle.

    But rather than just a few shoves and some swear words to put him in his place, the two teams attacked each other, causing a scene that looked like animals fighting in the wild.

    After a few karate kicks and foot stomps, 12 of the 22 players on the field were assessed red cards.

Detroit Pistons vs. Indiana Pacers (NBA)

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    For any fan who wants to experience a professional athlete turning into the Hulk, the "Malice in the Palace" would be it.

    After a few shoves and words exchanged between members of the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers in 2004, one Detroit fan found that throwing a beer cup at 6'8" Pacers forward Ron Artest was a solid idea.

    It wasn't.

    Artest didn't take being pelted lightly, as he stormed into the crowd, climbing over rows of seats to start pounding the fan he believed to toss the cup—which wasn't even the right guy.

    This fight was a black eye on the league and has to go down as one of the worst scenes from any of the four major American sports leagues.

Egyptian Premier League Soccer Fight

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    To call this a fight would be an understatement. Hell, to call it a massacre might be one, too.

    That's because during a match between Egypt Premier League clubs Al-Masry and Al Ahly, Al-Masry fans got more than out of control, throwing stones, bottles and, yes, even trying to take down Al Ahly players with swords.

    It might seem like a scene from a gladiator movie, but it happened back in 2012, leaving over 70 dead and hundreds more injured.