A Response to Dennis Dodds

Greg EvansCorrespondent IJune 15, 2009

COLUMBUS, OH - SEPTEMBER 11:  The Ohio State and Marshall marching bands perform a tribute to September 11, 2001 during halftime of the game between the Ohio State Buckeyes andthe Marshall Thundering Herd on September 11, 2004 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.  Ohio State defeated Marshall 24-21.   (Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)

On June 11, CBSSports.com Senior Writer Dennis Dodds posted an article that many people have found offensive and this matter must be addressed.

The story, entitled 'Placing blame for Edwards injury a pain in itself'', starts out well enough. He addresses the injury to Houston WR Patrick Edwards, which occurred during the Houston-Marshall game last season.

He tells the story of this young receiver battling back from a horrific injury and where to place the blame for the incident.

Mr. Dodds' article takes a turn for the worst when he starts to attack the Marshall band.

"In general, band geeks are self-important and frequently out of tune."

"Remember when being in the band merely meant you couldn't get a date?"

"For the most part, bandies are neither funny nor, unfortunately, dieting."

 "A band director's head on a platter, would that be enough for Edwards?"

 "In the land of dorkess, there's another distinction to be noted."

Above is just a sample of some of the unprofessional statements made by Dodds in his article. These comments had nothing to do with the subject of his article, Patrick Edwards. They were blatant attacks at band members and directors across the country.

Many such enraged musicians posted responses to Dodds' article, but few were acknowledged by Dodds. There was one exception, if you read through them all.

"Brass blows."

Dodds, you are a representative of one of the biggest sports Web sites in the nation. How was an article this classless able to make it onto CBSSports.com?

The band community deserves a public apology from Mr. Dodds. What he did was uncalled for and it is a disgrace to CBS Sports.

As for the matter of who is to blame for the incident with Patrick Edwards:

According to Article 8, Section B of the NCAA Football rule book:

Any markers or obstructions within the playing enclosure but outside the
limit lines constituting a hazard shall be reported to game management
by the referee. Final determination of corrective action shall be the
responsibility of game management.

The band cart was out of place, yes. But it should have been noticed by a number of other people, in addition to the band.

If a blocking sled was incidentally left behind the endzone causing the incident, would Mr. Dodds have thrown around his offensive language to the football teams? I think not.

Dennis Dodds needs to make a public apology to the band community. CBS Sports needs to see to it that such offensive writing does not make its way onto the CBSSports.com Web site ever again.