What We Learned From Day 1 of the 2008 NFL Draft

David CohenSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2008

In a day filled with trades and draft picks that made you say "whoa," a few things stood out:

1. It's a Chiefs world, we all just live in it. The Chiefs had Glenn Dorsey fall into their lap. Then they get the guy they wanted with the fifth pick at No. 15. Then, they get a first round caliber corner in round 2. Herm plays to win at the draft; he doesn't draft to just pick 'em. And with that said...

2. Matt Millen makes Al Davis look like Scott Pioli. He can't get it right. Ever. In five years, the odds are Cherilus and Dizon won't be in the league.

3. Al Davis needs to retire. D-Mac is a great player but the Raiders had one position on the team where they were set, and that was running back. Justin Fargas, LaMont Jordan, Michael Bush, and Dominic Rhodes are all there, and now let's give McFadden a boatload of money to come on board. Guess they couldn't overlook those "character issues."

4. The Ravens traded up to get a quarterback with a monster arm. Kyle Boller thinks this sound familiar.

5. Vince Young needs receivers. Roydell Williams can't handle it all by himself. Chris Johnson? Are you serious?

6. Donnie Avery is the first receiver off the board. What? I hope Cam Cameron didn't have to tell everyone that pick at the Rams' draft party.

7. The Packers are a sneaky bunch. They take Jordy Nelson at the top of the second round to become the NFC's Wes Welker, knowing that they are the only team in the draft that could use this kid right away. Then they take outcast Quarterback Brian Brohm to at least fill out the depth chart. Now as for why that was allowed to happen...

8. The Bears forgot that, well, REX IS THEIR QUARTERBACK!

9. The Vikings forgot that, well, Tarvaris Jackson isn't Donovan McNabb, and that his mechanics are the worst in NFL history.

10. The Redskins are officially a West Coast offense. Devin Thomas, Fred Davis, and Malcolm Kelly are added to a good core of receivers to create check-down nightmares on third down. To get possibly the two best receivers in the draft and a full-time tight end who can catch will make Jason Campbell infinitely better next year.

11. The Redskins actually use draft picks now.

12. All AFC teams will regret the day Mendenhall went to Pittsburgh. In a couple of years we may see the most dynamic Steelers offense in their great history. And Limas Sweed will tell you about it. He'll be riding the sidelines.

13. The Bucs have another Dexter Jackson. Future Super Bowl MVP?


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