NBA Cameraman Gets Harsh Kick from Blake Griffin and Words from Joey Crawford

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Being an NBA cameraman must be an amazing job. You get to meet superstars, see great games and, if you are really lucky, get kicked by Blake Griffin and patted on the head by Joey Crawford

Some guys just have it all. 

Monday night's game between the Clippers and Nuggets—one Denver would eventually win, 110-100—featured a scary moment for one unlucky cameraman. 

In the second quarter, with a little over five minutes, 30 seconds remaining in the half, Griffin goes after a ball that went off his leg. 

He saves the basketball, tossing it off of Kenneth Faried, but his momentum takes him into the sidelines and off a cameraman just trying to capture the game without getting a foot to the dome. 

As we all know, NBA referee Joey Crawford doesn't have time for this. In fact, Crawford doesn't have time for anything, including, but not limited to, shenanigans, guff or general tomfoolery. 

The NBA official who is equal parts curmudgeon and sensitive diva walks over and gives a very Crawford, "Can somebody come over here and get this guy?"

This comes after Matt Barnes tries his best to help the suddenly discombobulated cameraman identified as Larry in the video. 

Crawford is just being himself and comes around, making sure Larry is doing just fine before getting back to what he does well and that's calling the game as conspicuously as possible. 

The game continued and Larry looked to be doing fine at the end of the video. And so it goes for those brave few who capture every little nuance of the sport from the best seats in the house. 

This isn't the last we will see of this, because, as we know, the best seats in the house can also be the most dangerous. 

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