Video: Burnley Manager Sean Dyche Answers Journalist's Phone During Interview

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVMarch 17, 2014

You do not want to interrupt Burnley manager Sean Dyche's press conference. Or then again, maybe you do. 

One journalist's phone went off in the middle of Dyche's interview on Saturday, so he did what absolutely no one expected him to do: he answered it. 

While he first warns the assembled press that it's a fineable offence, he then jokes with the surely surprised person on the other end and inquires if he's going out to "have a few beers or what?"

Dyche's Burnley side had just defeated Leeds 2-1 and are well on their way to promotion to England's top tier, so surely Dyche was a bit more chipper than had he been disturbed otherwise.

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