Former Duke Star J.J. Redick Has Vital Tips for Perfect March Madness Bracket

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 17, 2014

For the next few days, the March Madness bracket will be the most precious document in your possession. We aren't exaggerating when we say J.J. Redick delivers crucial information to craft the perfect bracket for the tournament. 

Funny or Die welcomes arguably the best tournament in sports—and the month some of you decide to acknowledge college basketball is a thing—with a video that will have most of you outside Chapel Hill giggling. 

It's a short video featuring the former Duke guard, Redick, who has this bracket guff on lock down. Here is how to create sweet perfection with that seemingly innocuous piece of paper: 

Got it?

All this time we have been looking for the one formula that would stave off that bracket-buster failure in the tournament. 

Some decide to keep things simple and pick by how awesome mascots are, or they hold a week-long seance to get a glimpse into the future. Then there are those rare few who like to follow the sport and actually do a bit of research. 


According to the 29-year-old Los Angeles Clippers guard, you really just need a sheet of paper—but make sure that it's big enough for the 68 teams.  

If you have difficulty figuring out what a bracket is, just remember that it is "a bunch of lines that all kind of come together in the middle."

After that, it's all really rather simple: "All you have to do is pick the teams that you think are going to win based on talent."

Thanks, Redick!

We are confident that a sizable chunk of sports fans will follow every last one of these tips shortly, breathing easier that they have entered the college basketball fray with more than just hope and blind optimism.  

Now most of you will spend the better part of the week filling in brackets, coming to a conclusion in a couple of days that you have finally done it: You cracked the tournament, bringing calm to the madness. 

Really, the only thing we have learned about this tournament is that you need paper and should probably fill things out in pencil. 

If anyone claims to have more answers than that, he or she is probably just lying to you. 


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