Manchester United Boss David Moyes Slammed by Everton Coach Kevin Sheedy

Jason Pettigrove@@jaypetti1971Contributor IMarch 17, 2014

David Moyes is continuing to feel the heat in the Old Trafford hot seat.
David Moyes is continuing to feel the heat in the Old Trafford hot seat.Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Everton coach Kevin Sheedy has piled more pressure on David Moyes by claiming the Manchester United manager never showed any interest in the youth setup whilst on Merseyside.

Sheedy took to his official Twitter account to vent his anger (h/t Nick Lustig of the Daily Star).

Although the original tweets have since been deleted, a number of retweets have ensured that Sheedy's words will remain in the public domain:

Such an attack may come as a surprise to the Scot, Sheedy having worked well under Moyes for seven years before the latter left to replace Sir Alex Ferguson.

The comments could be construed as representing a managerial policy that leans toward buying in the best possible talent, rather than recruiting from within—something that Manchester United have been renowned for over the years.

Renowned Dutch football coach Raymond Verheijen has also been particularly scathing of Moyes' staffing and methods, via his personal Twitter account:

Although the criticisms might be water off a duck's back to the hardy Scot, they paint a dreadful picture, and possibly go some way to explaining the poor start to his career on the Old Trafford hot seat.

At a club that has always prided itself for producing the best homegrown talent—think David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville et al—the idea of a lack of interest from the manager at youth and academy level is an unpalatable one.

Of more immediate importance to Moyes, however, is getting his players playing a style that the Old Trafford regulars have become accustomed to.

Sheedy appears to think that's beyond him too:

It's an incredibly testing time, but if Moyes can run the gauntlet and ride out this particular storm, brighter days could be ahead.

Of more immediate concern is the Champions League game against Olympiakos, which has turned into a true "must-win" for Moyes' side.

Lose that, and next weekend's Premier League fixture at West Ham, and the trap door will be edged open just that little bit more.

Those brighter days can't come quick enough.