WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for March 17

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 17, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

WWE Raw in San Antonio, Texas, is set to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with authority figures handing out punishment. 

The AT&T Center plays hosts to a pair of teams fending off implosion, Superstars looking to earn their spot in a 30-man match and most likely a little person dressed as a leprechaun. WrestleMania feuds are sure to add animosity. The "Yes! Movement" is sure to continue.

Culling information from backstage reports, tweets, Mitch Passero's five-point preview on WWE.com and hints from WWE programming reveals many of the people and happenings fans can look forward to seeing on Monday's Raw.

The list of scheduled Superstars tells us that one feud will be without one of its combatants.


Who, What to Expect

The Undertaker-Brock Lesnar rivalry will be a beast short again. Undertaker is scheduled to appear; Lesnar is not.

That didn't stop Paul Heyman and Undertaker from having a verbal clash last week. It looks as if fans can expect another one this time around as well.

Heyman announced he will be in Texas, presumably to speak for his absent client. 

Zeb Colter had an announcement of his own. He claimed that The Real Americans will "make some noise" on Monday's Raw.

The trouble is, that noise may be the sound of their partnership breaking. Jack Swagger and Cesaro nearly started trading blows last Monday until Colter calmed them down. The Real Americans experienced more infighting during their match against Cody Rhodes and Goldust on Friday's SmackDown.

They did, however, end that battle united, pounding on Rhodes after the bell until The Usos chased them away.

Additionally, fans can expect some St. Patrick's Day-related shenanigans. WWE doesn't let many holidays pass without some ridiculousness happening.

F4WOnline, via WrestlingInc.com, reports that "there has been discussions about a St. Patrick's Day skit on tomorrow night's show."

There's little reason to doubt that scenario will come to pass. When asked if he thought Hornswoggle would be a part of a St. Patrick's Day skit on Monday's Raw, Dave Scherer of PWInsider wrote, "If I had to bet and be right, I would go with yes on that one."

At the very least, Monday's Raw will give fans a glimpse at Hornswoggle in Leprechaun: Origins.

Sheamus could also be involved in a St. Patrick's Day-themed match.

Whether it is a Dublin Street Fight, complete with a bag of potatoes as a weapon, to last week's Memphis Street Fight where a bass drum was central to his victory, Sheamus is often the Superstar called upon to beat his foes up with strange weapons.


What SmackDown Told Us

The hardest story to predict heading into WrestleMania is The Shield's. After teasing a breakup for weeks, the group has recently solidified and bristled with energy in interactions with Kane

After Friday's SmackDown, there's no doubt fans will see a collision between Kane and The Shield on Monday's Raw. 

Kane ordered Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to attack Big Show during their match. Rollins refused, and his teammates followed his lead. Kane tried to pay him back for his insolence with a chokeslam, but Reigns and Ambrose had other violent ideas.

The Shield attack Kane on SmackDown.
The Shield attack Kane on SmackDown.Credit: WWE.com

The fact that Passero asks on WWE.com, "Will The Shield face repercussions on Raw?" makes it even more certain that the show will feature Kane punishing the black-clad trio.

That interaction will tell us a lot about what is happening with The Shield at WrestleMania. According to TribLive.com's Justin LaBar, WWE is considering pitting The Shield against Kane and The Ascension from NXT.

Should Kane hint at needing additional help to bring down The Shield, or The Shield continue to be booked as babyfaces, then there will be good reason to believe this rumored match is a strong possibility.

Monday's Raw should be heavy on villains in suits punishing rebelling Superstars. Triple H is sure to hand out discipline to Daniel Bryan after the fan favorite hijacked last week's Raw.

SmackDown tabled Triple H's retributive actions. He told fans, "I will deal with Daniel Bryan on Monday Night Raw."

It's not a question if Triple H will look to cause Bryan to suffer, but a question of how he will go about doing it. Passero writes, "Will Triple H enlist others to do his bidding, or will he handle matters himself?"

Since The Shield is resistant to following orders as of late, and Kane may be busy with those three men, "The Game" may have to do things himself this time.


Question Marks

Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Alberto Del Rio are among the handful of men already confirmed for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Count on who gets added to that mix to be a point of focus on Monday's Raw.

On the five-point preview, Passero writes, "Who will make the next move to impress in hopes of getting a bid?"

Could Alexander Rusev be among the next Battle Royal entrants?
Could Alexander Rusev be among the next Battle Royal entrants?Credit: WWE.com

With this carrot in front of the Superstars, the midcard should be more entertaining than usual. Folks will be positioning themselves for this bout, and a few Superstars are sure to announce that they will be in the bout as well.

Another big question is if Sheamus and Christian's feud is over now that the latter has been beaten so many times. Are those two headed for a collision at WrestleMania?

Should WWE pit those two against each other once again, or "Captain Charisma" ambush Sheamus, as he has done several times recently, then fans can take that as confirmation of these two foes' story continuing. Otherwise, the Battle Royal may be where they end up striving for their WrestleMania moment.

Finally, Bryan fans will want to know if he will have to deal with Randy Orton and Batista in addition to Triple H.

Daniel Bryan will have enemies everywhere.
Daniel Bryan will have enemies everywhere.Credit: WWE.com

One of the most telling parts of the five-point preview is Passero asking a question heavy with foreshadowing: "Could The Viper or The Animal look to make a preemptive strike to let the so-called 'B+ player' know what he could be up against?" That likely means we will see exactly that on Monday night.

With Batista and Orton both playing heels, it makes sense for them to go after a hero rather than squabble with each other.

For that reason, Bryan will be one of the central figures on this episode.  


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