WrestleMania 30: Odds of Victory for Battle Royal Entrants

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

According to SEScoops.com, WWE has announced six participants in the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, none of whom should be expected to win. Still, each entrant at least has a chance, and judging by WWE’s tendencies to swerve audiences, most entrants should be taken somewhat seriously.

Among the announced participants of Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston, Ryback and Curtis Axel, Big E, the latter should be considered the front-runner. He is currently the intercontinental champion and has been the beneficiary of infighting between Jack Swagger and Cesaro.

Big E should, at the very least, have a strong showing, and he's one of two announced entrants (with the other being Ziggler) who has a reasonable shot at winning.

Big E’s odds at the Andre Memorial Battle Royal should go off at 4/1, meaning one would win $400 on a $100 bet. These indicate pretty steep yet manageable chances.

Ziggler, who made his announcement ceremoniously through a post-match interview on SmackDown, has a chance to revitalize his career with a win.

After several weeks of irrelevance, Ziggler has returned to his winning ways as of late with multiple victories over Alberto Del Rio. While Ziggler seems to be a dark horse at the moment, his likelihood of winning will only dampen as stars with more momentum are announced.

Ziggler’s dark-horse status makes him no more than a 9/2 bet.

To find more favorable odds, one must look at potential entrants. This is a vast field led by Alexander Rusev. WWE’s aggressive promotion of Rusev, across all platforms of programming, should make him the runaway favorite to be launched at WrestleMania XXX.

Rusev looked strong in defeat at the Royal Rumble, but if he was to lose another Battle Royal, it would hurt his momentum regardless of how strongly he is booked.

If he is entered in the Andre Memorial and loses, it would almost defeat the purpose of the several weeks WWE has invested in this character. Rusev’s odds should be placed at 6/5.

The Big Show has been thrown around in some circles as a sentimental favorite, since this is the Andre Memorial Battle Royal, but he will be best used as a babyface who comes close to winning in the event a heel goes over. This is among the few scenarios that will get the most heat for a heel. Big Show’s odds should lie around 7/2.

If Rusev does not win, Cesaro will likely go over. His stock has surged through matches against John Cena, Randy Orton, an Elimination Chamber appearance and a potential babyface turn—all in the first three months of 2014.

A lingering feud with Jack Swagger, who will likely be his downfall should he enter the Andre Memorial Battle Royal, is all that hurts him here.

Cesaro’s odds should go off at 17/10.

This match is best used as a means to introduce or elevate a star on the rise, as evidenced by a growing field of largely hungry, unproven wrestlers. WWE would be wise to ensure that whoever wins is a reflection of the predominately young, up-and-coming field.


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