Most Disappointing St. Louis Cardinals Players in Spring Training so Far

Corey Noles@@coreynolesCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2014

Most Disappointing St. Louis Cardinals Players in Spring Training so Far

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    With spring training rapidly passing by and Opening Day just around the corner, there’s now enough of a sample by which to get a good idea of the overall performance of a few key players.

    For the St. Louis Cardinals, several players have stepped up and either surprised or tried and failed—this piece will focus on the latter.

    Some players arrive in Jupiter, Fla., and everything goes as planned, but for others it’s not so easy. Whether it’s the hype that precedes them, the pressure or just trying to get back into the groove of a long season, for some players coming back can be a problem.

    Sometimes it’s an injury that causes the problem, and every year there are a few.

    Overall, the 2014 Cardinals are looking good despite the normal bumps in the road. A handful of players, however, have struggled to live up to their potential so far during spring training.

    Following are the three players off to the most disappointing starts through the first half of spring training.

3. Seth Maness

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    Spring training: 9.39 ERA, 7 games, 7.2 IP, 14 hits, 8 ER, 3 BB, 7 K, 2.22 WHIP

    In 2013, Seth Maness shocked in St. Louis when he arrived, functioning like a literal lucky charm for the Cardinals down the playoff stretch.

    Need a double play? Maness was your guy.

    That same luck has yet to carry over to spring training.

    In his seven games through March 16, Maness has only three scoreless outings—something that was his specialty in 2013.

    Despite his struggles, I’m not ready to count Maness out for 2014. He’s a solid pitcher with a mature approach to the game, and he is just struggling to find his stride. Give him time.

2. Jaime Garcia

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    Spring training: N/A

    Prior to the start of spring training, the hope was that a healthy Jaime Garcia would be able to push the Cardinals over the brink from good to borderline unstoppable.

    While that characterization may still fit the team before the season starts, it’s unlikely that mode of thinking will be due to a healthy Jaime Garcia.

    If Garcia turns out to be fully healthy, his impact will still be major; however, it’s highly unlikely that impact will come on Opening Day.

    Were it not for the next player, Garcia would have taken the top slot in this article.

1. Oscar Taveras

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    Spring training: .167/.167/.333, 1-for-6 overall, 2 games, 1 double, 1 run scored

    The great hope of the Cardinals organization, a player whose arrival fans have anxiously awaited now for three years, will once again miss Opening Day.

    Oscar Taveras, one of the most coveted outfield prospects in all of Major League Baseball, has had a rocky path to the big leagues, battling injury throughout 2013 and now early in 2014.

    With Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporting contention within the organization regarding the extent of his issues, for Taveras to be among the first to leave spring training is highly disappointing.

    After hearing throughout the winter that Taveras was believed to be ready for the season, his continued struggles are a cause for concern.

    In reality, though, Taveras spent only a limited amount of time at Triple-A Memphis in 2013 and could probably benefit from the additional time for development.

    Rest assured, his day will come very soon.


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