Breaking News: “In the News” is Old News

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJune 15, 2009

Hey, RFB faithful.

Do you like the excessively lengthy and text-ridden link dump of our daily “In the News” posts? We don’t either.

Starting immediately, Right Field Bleachers will do away with the long and tedious practice of linking every Brewers story ever written in favor of a less time-consuming, and (hopefully) more interesting approach to keeping you informed. Spending two hours to sum up a game you probably watched and link to 18 different blogs that all feel the same way about Manny Parra isn’t exactly an unlame way to spend an evening.

What this means
• More posts. We’re all more inclined to chime in with quick-hitters that you might (for a change) read all of when not dreading or recovering from an epically long and stale news post.
• You’ll get more of an idea of how we feel instead of our view on how other sites feel about things.  
• Less uninteresting fluff destined to appease one or two fellow fanboys. David Riske likes Air Jordans? Ask me if I give a shit. When, say, former Brewer Kevin Mench gets arrested for crapping in a ball pit at a Pennsylvania Dave and Busters while Robo-tripping or something, one of us will weigh in on that - because that wouldn’t suck or be boring.
• Larger and more frequent helpings of the treat that is the diverse and obscure views of our contributors. Fewer links (bun) and more meat (also meat) in our posts.
• You will hate our site 2-4 percent less and read it just as often.
• Our Papi Seeds shirt will inexplicably become popular and you will really want to buy it.
• We’ll start pushing sales of our unpopular Papi Seeds T-shirt in posts about upcoming changes.
• I’ll use the time I save not linking boring and poorly-edited Anthony Witrado abortions of text to subtly infuse more hilarious Photoshops/references to dicks and ’80s movies into posts. 

Startiiiiiiinnnnnng… now.