I'm Done With Fernando Tatis

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I'm Done With Fernando Tatis
The Comeback Player of the Year can go back to where he came from. I'm done with Fernando Tatis.

The great story of last season, a guy I referred to in 2008 as Mr. Clutch, is now absolutely dreadful. He's an automatic double play if there's a runner on first and one out. He's only starting because Delgado is hurt. He's batting under .200 over the past month with runners in scoring position.

Honestly I'd rather see Jeremy Reed get more playing time than Tatis.

During Friday night's game, Keith Hernandez noted that Tatis' swing is different this year than last year. He's not holding his bat up straight, but rather pointing it more towards the dugout than perpendicular to the ground (that's right McCarver PER-PIN-DIC-ULAR, not parallel you moron) like he was last year. This causing his bat to be slower to get through the hitting zone and why he's having trouble catching up to fastballs.

Two notes here. First, why are we paying HoJo to be the hitting coach if Hernandez is seeing these issues from the broadcast booth and no one is telling Tatis? Second...ok there is no second, it's the same as the first, why isn't anyone telling this to Tatis and making this adjustment?

It's worth a try because Tatis is quickly becoming a liability at the plate.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Jerry Manuel says he's the best defensive first baseman on the roster, but Murphy looks fairly comfortable over there. The fact that Tatis is righthanded may be the only thing keeping him alive.

Time is ticking Mr. Tatis. Fix that bat position in your stance. Go talk to Keith Hernandez before you hit into yet another double play.

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