David Durham's School Rumors Crushed by BlockONation.com

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IJune 14, 2009

Recently, a handful of Ohio State message boards and blogs have reported that 2010 Buckeye recruit David Durham may reopen his school search even though he has already verbally committed to Ohio State.

David is originally from the state of North Carolina and his family is moving from Texas back to North Carolina due to his dad being transferred there by his employer.

Suddenly, rumors are flying that Butch Davis and UNC are major players in the running for David and the reason he and his family have moved back to North Carolina.

Rather than engage in pointless and baseless bickering among a select few ill-informed Buckeye fans on those "other" sites, we here at BlockONation instead prefer to deal in the facts!

We bring you the exclusive breaking news right here and now to put these unfounded and untrue rumors to rest!

Fortunately, I interviewed David a few months ago after he committed to OSU and he let me know I could contact him anytime.

After hearing about these rumors, that is exactly what I did!

Here a screen shot of a short excerpt from that exchange between David and me from Sunday Jun. 14, 2009.

There you have it, courtesy of BlockONation.com, straight from the source. David Durham himself!

David is and will remain a Buckeye—End of story!