The Cricket Match On 15th Of August

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent IJune 14, 2009

I doubt if anyone on whole of Bleacher Report will be able to recall this match. But I will always remember this match because I took part in it. I was the umpire and my fellow writer Dann Khan was the other umpire.

Let me help you recall this match.

One fine morning... well the day was 15th of August the Indian Independence Day. So continuing from one fine morning Sachin Tendulkar woke up and realized that it was the 15th of August, a national holiday.

He called me(he is a good friend of mine) and said that we could spend the day together and do something interesting. I told him that we could meet at India Gate at 12 noon. He agreed and we met.

When we met he was looking dull and upset. I asked him what was the reason. He told me that he had not played cricket for long time and wanted to play a game today. He told me to find solution to his problem. I thought about it and suddenly  I got an idea.

I told him to call up all his colleagues and we could play a match against the superstars. He asked me how. I told him that SRK(Shah Rukh Khan) was a good friend of mine and I could ask him to call up his friends(fellow actors) and we could have a match. Sachin agreed.

I called up the BCCI and asked them to fix a match at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi.Then I called up SRK and told him to gather his friends and meet me at the stadium at 3 pm. 

It was 3 pm at Feroz Shah Kotla and the teams were decided.

The cricketers' headed by Sachin Tendulkar had M.S Dhoni, Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Ishnat Sharma, Anil Kumble and Yuvraj Singh.

On the other side the actors' team headed by SRK had Saif Ali Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Imraan Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Niel Nitin Mukesh, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Tussar Kapur and Govinda. SRK, Saif, Niel and Bobby were all rounders. Aamir, Salman and Imraan were batsmen and Sanjay, Sunny, Tussar and Govinda were bowlers.

Suddenly we realised that we needed umpires. So I called up Dann and both of us took up the umpiring job.

Unfortunately there was no audience for this match and we had to play it for play leisure.

SRK won the toss and elected to bat. He and Saif came out at the crease. Ishant Sharma took the ball. The match began.

Ishant Sharma bowled a maiden over. SRK who was at the striking position couldn't play hi ball at all. He was so terrified after that over that he was about to faint, but Ishant made a mocking comment on him which made him angry. He regained his balance and charged at Ishant.

"Oh no! Both of them are fighting!" yelled Dann. I went and tried to separate them but they pushed me aside and kept on fighting. Then finally they stopped after ten whole minutes and I had to blow my whistle to announce that we were resuming the play.

Zaheer Khan bowled the second over and on the very first ball of that over, Saif smashed a six. Then Zak bowled his second ball which also went for a six and then it was the time for a fight between Zak and SAK(Saif Ali Khan).

Saif mocked Zaheer's balls and Zaheer charged towards him like a bull. But I was already prepared for this. So I just had to take out mu pistol and fire a shot in the air. I took it out but unfortunately it had no bullets. I was shocked. I blew my whistle but nothing happened. The fight continued.

Finally after I and Dann pleaded Zak and SAK, they agreed to resolve the matter and continue the match. 

Then Dann and I prepared a document which said that there will be no more fights in this match which was signed by all the players.

The match went on and Zak bowled his third ball. It was a full toss and Saif lifted it. But this time it did not reach the boundary, instead it went straight into Sachin Tendulkar's hands at mid-off. The players started to celebrate and Saif went back looking crestfallen.

Then came in Aamir. Aamir hit two fours and took a single to end the over.

The match went on peacefully for some time and Aamir and SRK put up 78 runs for the second wicket. 

But suddenly in the 18th over there was some confusion between the two batsmen while taking a run and there was a run out appeal. Dann signaled for the third umpire. The appeal was against Aamir and unfortunately we didn't have a third umpire. So then I asked Dann to call Rohini Iyer(fellow writer) and she came. She agreed to do the commentry as well as be the third umpire.

She adjudged Aamir out and the match went on.

Then came in Imraan. He wanted to avenge his uncle's(Aamir) dismissal. So he hit Yusuf Pathan for six sixes in an over and smashed all over the ground for a few overs.

The match went on and these finally SRK got a hundred after the 38th over. Imraan also got a fifty in the same over. But unfortunately both of the got out soon after that and rain played spoilsport. But rain stopped after ten minutes and we resumed the match.

Then Niel and Salman came out to bat. Both of them put up good fifties and the actors' team finally reached a total of 291 after 50 overs.

Then it was the cricketers who came to bat. Gambhir and Sehwag opened as usaul and sunny came to bowl. But he just failed to impress the captain and gave away too many runs.

Even the other bowlers gave away too many runs and the cricketers were 101 for no loss after 10 overs. Then SRK came in to bowl himself. He took a hat-trick and got Sewag Tendulkar and Raina out. He gave away just one run in his over. Then wickets kept falling at regular intervals.

Finally the actors needed 10 runs to win with just one wicket left Gautam Gambhir was batting on 111 made of 133 balls. There was no shortage of balls because it was only the 38th over. But Ishant Sharma was batting on 3 made of 5 balls and was looking very uncomfortable. 

Govinda came to bowl to Sharma and Sharma hit him for a straight six. The cricketers' hopes were leaping and their hearts were beating fast. Then SRK whispered something in Govinda's ear and then Govinda bowled and what Sharma tried to hit another six but unfortunately misjudged the ball which went on to hit the wicket.

The actors had won and the started to celebrate and  the cricketers congratulated  them.

SRK was adjudged the Man of the Match for his hat-trick and century.

Disclaimer- I don't wish to insult any actor, cricketer or fellow writer. I have done so I apologize and hope to be forgiven.





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