Kane Opens Business, Considers Retirement from WWE in Near Future

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIMarch 14, 2014


The Big Red Machine's shift to a corporate look goes beyond his on-air character.

Glenn Jacobs, the man that has brought Kane to life for more than a decade in the WWE, has opened an insurance company with his wife in Knoxville, Tenn., according to a report by Wrestling Observer (h/t 411mania).

Kane is said to be looking forward to his life after wrestling. According to the report:

He has been telling friends that he has been planning to retire from the ring for a while now, but is having trouble with walking away from the money. He will continue to wrestle as long as he can make good paychecks.

He has also been active politically, lending his name and voice to Libertarian politicians and may even consider running for office himself one day. 

Kane turned 46 years old this year. While his big, lumbering style in the ring allows him to retain form despite an advanced age for a wrestler, he has significantly slowed down in recent years and is no longer wrestling on a nightly basis. The move to the Corporate Kane character allowed him to stay on air without as much in-ring action. 

When he does finally decide to hang up the big red mask once and for all, Kane is a first-ballot WWE Hall of Famer and deserves to headline a class himself. While Kane was never the icon that some stars in the business were, his enduring legacy will be his ability to take whatever wacky storyline was proposed and make it work.

There were so many times Kane's character could have or should have been finished. First, you can't look past the fact he's based on Michael Myers from horror movie lore. His character was fully gimmick and associated with the Undertaker. There have been plenty of dark, brooding characters created for the Undertaker to vanquish, but most fell off after the initial feud.

Kane persevered.

He was suddenly able to talk after needing a voice box. He dated Tori then feuded with X-Pac. He lost his mask. He killed Paul Bearer. He electrocuted Shane McMahon's testicles. He presumably forced himself on Lita, impregnated her (sexual assault?), kept her as his property and then became a conquering hero in the same storyline when Lita lost the baby due to Snitsky, turning Kane into a face as her knight in shining armor.

This was the life of Kane. Things rarely made sense. Continuity was an afterthought. Nobody is quite sure how a burnt, deformed monster kept in Paul Bearer's basement after killing his parents managed to get drunk at a college party and end up in an accident that killed his date for the night.

Oh, Katie Vick, how we wish we could forget your name and storyline. 

But this is professional wrestling and one of the biggest reasons why we love it. While we clamor for consistent, focused stories and shows, we revel in the absurd, and Kane gave that to us over the years, perhaps more than any character in the last two decades. 

So when the time comes for Kane to burn one last time, we wish him the best of luck, as I throw down my arms in the hope that fire will shoot out of objects around this room.