Brock Lesnar Will Be Undertaker's Fiercest WrestleMania Opponent

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMarch 14, 2014

Brock Lesnar
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Brock Lesnar is the next WWE Superstar to challenge The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania 30.  The man referred to as The Beast will be stepping up against The Deadman, who is 21-0 on the grandest stage of them all.

Through the years, Taker's Mania challengers have been a who's who of the business.  From Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels to Triple H and CM Punk, Undertaker has faced the best and beaten the best.  But Brock Lesnar is a different animal altogether and will be the fiercest WrestleMania opponent that Undertaker has ever had.

Everything about Brock just screams dangerous.  From the icy stare in his eyes to his ferocious intensity in the ring, Lesnar is a weapon that is always ready to be aimed at the next Superstar unfortunate enough to get in his way.

And Paul Heyman is usually the man setting the sights for Brock.

Heyman is considered by many fans to be the evil genius, the man who lends credibility to every talent he has ever been paired with.  Heyman's mastery on the mic and seemingly effortless embracing of his own character add to the man he represents every time he steps through the ropes.

In the case of Brock Lesnar, of course, Heyman is needed more for his promo skills and ability to sell the match to the masses.  The reason for that is Brock has more than enough credibility all by himself.

Paul Heyman
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As WWE fans know, Lesnar is a former UFC champion and by far one of the toughest men in the industry today.  Lesnar's smashmouth style in the WWE ring is evenly matched by his amateur wrestling skills, and all of that is wrapped up in a powerhouse package of brute strength.

In terms of character and reputation, few Superstars have the hype and credentials that Lesnar has. The only exception to that is The Undertaker himself, who is once again stepping into the squared circle at WrestleMania 30.  

Undertaker is The Phenom, perhaps the biggest attraction that WWE has ever seen.  From his theatrical gimmick to his own skills in the ring, Taker has always had the complete package as a WWE Superstar.

He's big, he's strong, he's experienced in the ring, and he's very entertaining as a character.  Undertaker has a WWE career that spans 24 years.  In all that time, few men have taken him to his limits from a storyline perspective more than Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker is the truest definition of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object that WWE fans have seen since Hulk Hogan faced Andre the Giant. The fact is that both Lesnar and Taker are each so good at what they do and so committed to their roles that fans have historically always followed their past rivalries with heightened anticipation.

But their past has little bearing on today.  Today is all about Brock once again being aimed by Paul Heyman, and the trigger will be pulled at WrestleMania 30.

The truth is that this year's Mania will be unlike any other Taker has ever known.  That's because Lesnar is unlike any WWE Superstar who has ever challenged Taker's undefeated streak.

CM Punk wanted glory.  He wanted affirmation of his belief that he was The Best in the World, and the only way to truly do that was to step into Undertaker's heavy shadow and dare to defy him.

Triple H wanted to prove who the real last outlaw was in the company.  He wanted to retire Undertaker's streak not because he wanted the bragging rights that would come from it but because he felt that The Deadman's time was over and he should be taken down.

Shawn Michaels simply wanted to prove that he was better than The Phenom.  Shawn had done it all in his WWE career and had accomplished everything he had ever wanted.  But beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania was the last thing on his list, the crowning achievement that would forever write HBK's name in the WWE history books.

On the other hand, Brock Lesnar just wants to destroy The Undertaker.  And that's all he's really after.

Lesnar's character is not overly concerned with win-loss records.  Breaking tradition is secondary to him. Lesnar wants to annihilate every Superstar put in front of him, and that includes The Undertaker.  Lesnar wants carnage, he wants destruction, and he wants to decimate Undertaker simply because he can.

The Undertaker
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Truth be told, Taker's undefeated streak perhaps means more to Heyman than it does to Lesnar.  The reason for that has to do with Punk's inability to beat Taker at WrestleMania 29.  Heyman was at ringside that night and watched his longtime protege fall to The Deadman in what many fans believe was Undertaker's finest Mania performance in years.

But Heyman is the one who was left standing, the one who took the empty promises he had made on Punk's behalf back home with his head hung low.  Heyman was a man defeated, but all of that could change at WrestleMania 30 when The Beast gets in the ring with Undertaker.

From a real world standpoint, Brock is obviously in better physical condition than Undertaker is.  He's also faster and stronger and can legitimately match Taker move for move in a highly competitive situation. Understanding that Taker would likely want a match with Lesnar to be as insanely physical and intense as possible, fans should likely expect the two men to put on a great show at WrestleMania 30.

It will be interesting to see how the match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker will play out in terms of intensity and overall drama at WrestleMania 30.  Fans are accustomed to seeing Taker bring his A-game at the showcase of the immortals, and they will surely not be disappointed.  

Fans are also accustomed to seeing Brock Lesnar bring the pain and ferocity at a very high level on the pay-per-view stage.  And they will almost certainly not be disappointed in that case either.