Daniel Bryan Will Become This Generation's Bret Hart at WrestleMania 30

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMarch 14, 2014

Could this be the scene at WrestleMania 30?
Could this be the scene at WrestleMania 30?Photo Credit: wwe.com

Daniel Bryan can make history at WrestleMania 30. If you missed the March 10 edition of Raw, you missed quite an episode.

Bryan decided to take his “Yes Movement” to the next level, inviting fans who wore his shirts into the ring. They held up the show, driving Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to a frenzy. Bryan wouldn’t leave until Triple H accepted a match at WrestleMania 30, and The Game accepted!

Bryan didn’t stop there. He proposed that if he won, he would get inserted into the WWE world title match between Randy Orton and Batista. Triple H, crazier than ever, made the stipulation official.

If Bryan defeats Triple H, he’ll become the first man to compete in two WrestleMania matches on the same night since Bret Hart at WrestleMania 10. This leaves one positive outcome for Bryan.

Daniel Bryan will become this generation’s Bret Hart at WrestleMania 30.

The similarities between Hart and Bryan do not begin at possible scenarios. Both men are tacticians, creating a bond with the fans. Granted, Bryan doesn’t don pink and black or claim to be the best.

Frankly, their similarities reveal themselves in their roads to the top. Bryan got a raw deal at WrestleMania 28, losing his world heavyweight championship to Sheamus. The “Yes Movement” truly began the night after that event.  

Hart had the same raw deal, albeit with different results. Wrestling is cyclical, stories retold through various ways. This story isn’t different.

Hart defeated Ric Flair on October 12, 1992 for his first title. At WrestleMania 9, he lost that title to the late Yokozuna. It was only a few minutes later that Yokozuna lost that same title to Hulk Hogan. The talk of the town was Hogan once again climbing the mountain to become champion, not Hart’s defeat.

Hart’s WrestleMania misfortune changed one year later at WrestleMania 10. Hart wrestled two matches that night. The first he lost to his brother, Owen Hart. He didn’t end the night poorly, however. Hart avenged his loss to Yokozuna by taking the WWE title once again. Hart stood tall and finally had his WrestleMania moment.

Which brings us to today, where Daniel Bryan is asked to do much more. He needs to win two matches to become the WWE world heavyweight champion and must defeat three members of the now-defunct “Evolution” to achieve his dream, to capture his WrestleMania moment.

It’s a seemingly impossible road for this beloved WWE Superstar. However, the road for Bryan looks more likely to be paved with gold.

Daniel Bryan will become this generation’s Bret Hart at WrestleMania 30. The road is more difficult, but the outcome must be the same. Daniel Bryan will finally get his WrestleMania moment and, more importantly, his WWE championship.