10 NBA Players Whose Game Could Transfer to Streetball

Kevin W. Ryan@@kevry88Contributor IIIMarch 24, 2014

10 NBA Players Whose Game Could Transfer to Streetball

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    There are many differences between life in the National Basketball Association versus playing organized hoop games in a neighborhood park.

    From one-on-one isolation plays to shot selection, winning an NBA game every night requires far more limitation to a basketball player's freedom than on a streetball court. 

    Here are 10 players whose skills on the NBA court could transfer to streetball—enjoy. 

LeBron James

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    LeBron James has been absolutely dominant since being crowed "King James" in 2003. 

    King James has won four out of the last five MVP awards because of his lethal scoring, speed, jumping ability and defense. 

    When LeBron has the ball, it seems as if he can score from anywhere, dunk on anyone and block even the quickest NBA players on a fast break. 

    If LeBron was given complete freedom on a basketball courtmuch like in a common streetball settinghis work surely would be nothing short of legendary. 

Blake Griffin

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    Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin's above-the-rim excitement is what streetball is all about.

    Griffin posts so many highlights that he has a series of Top 10 Dunk videoseach month. He brings every type of dunk to the NBA, from his exciting and flashy fastbreak dunks to athletic rebound put-back dunks that are simply unmatched in today's basketball world. 

    To dominate that style of play in the NBA is incredibly unique, and the skillset that Griffin has perfected would be a perfect fit for streetball.    

    Blake's style was displayed in full effect in recent NBA All-Star Game dunk contests, and his jams landed him multiple endorsement deals in the process. 

Russell Westbrook

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    Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has firmly established himself as one of the most explosive players in the NBA today. 

    Westbrook's game is fueled with fire and passion, and his skillset would transition to the streetball game very easily. 

    Westbrook is a threat to blow past a one-on-one defender and sky up for a monster jam every time he touches the ball.

Kevin Durant

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    When there is no NBA action occurring at a given point and time, Kevin Durant can often be found playing streetball somewhere in the country. 

    When the NBA locked out their players in 2011 due to a union disagreement, Kevin Durant visited Rucker Park and tweeted after the game that it was "one of the best times of my life."   

    KD dropped 66 points at the famed Rucker Park from all over the court, proving that his game is an absolute perfect fit for streetball. 

Chris Paul

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    Perennial NBA All-Star guard Chris Paul handles the basketball better than anyone in the league, and seeing his game unleashed in the full freedom of a streetball atmosphere would be purely entertaining. 

    CP3 has the vision of a true floor general, and that vision coupled with his ball-handling and flashy, Magic Johnson-esque passing would light up any streetball court in the country. 

    Paul's quickness and excellent ball-handling have been apparent since he first joined the league, and his skills are as obvious as ever, seeing as how the star guard leads the NBA in both assists and steals per game this season.   

Dwight Howard

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    Houston Rockets star center Dwight Howard is a beast on the hardwood and has filled out his potential as a franchise cornerstone after being selected No. 1 overall in the NBA draft straight out of high school. 

    If Howard, who purely dominates anyone at his position at the highest level of the game, was put up against a streetball team with less stress on the defensive aspect of the game, it would be like sending Babe Ruth to a little league park. 

    Howard is a double-double machine in terms of points and rebounds, currently sitting third in the NBA in shooting percentage as well, per NBA.com

Kyrie Irving

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    From compiling highlight-reel plays to winning this year's All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award, Cleveland Cavaliers No. 1 draft pick Kyrie Irving has taken the NBA by storm since entering the association in 2011.

    Irving's success on the court is thanks to his agility and handles at the point guard position, where he has been breaking ankles all over the league.

    His victims include Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Thabo Sefolosha. However, no ankle-breaking crossover was quite as nasty as the one Irving put on Brandon Knight in the BBVA Rising Stars Game in 2013.  

    Irving's handles on a streetball court arguably could be one of the most exciting showcases for basketball fans worldwide. 

Derrick Rose

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    Matt Slocum/Associated Press

    Unfortunately, Derrick Rose has been spending more time in rehab facilities than NBA games over the last two years after suffering another season-ending knee injury this season. However, when healthy, D-Rose is one of basketball's most explosive and consistent talents. 

    Rose is the only player to win the league's Most Valuable Player Award over LeBron James in the last five NBA seasons, and that is because the Chicago native can cross-up or blow past any defender and is a lethal threat to score from all over the court. 

    Derrick Rose's athleticism, basketball IQ, dunking ability and offensive domination would be a must-see treat on a streetball court.  

Harrison Barnes

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    Former University of North Carolina sensation Harrison Barnes is one of the most promising basketball players in the game right now.

    Barnes is in his sophomore season with the Golden State Warriors and has been a consistent presence as the Warriors sixth man. More surprising, though, is the explosion of high-flying dunking and scoring that Barnes has impressed hoop fans with.

    If "The Black Falcon" can dunk over NBA stars consistently, his authoritative slams would surely be showcased well in a streetball game.  

John Wall

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    The Washington Wizards franchise is set around the future of superstar guard John Wall, who is averaging over 17 points and eight assists per game after spending just four years in the NBA. 

    Wall is expanding his game as he continues to grow as one of the league's best guards, and his court vision, ball-handling and exceptional speed would be one of the most entertaining talents to showcase on a streetball court. 

    The former Kentucky Wildcat has dropped some of the most creative ankle-breaking crossovers at the NBA level, and this kind of imagination inside the head of a standout athlete is a combination begging to be exploited in a streetball game.