Video of Wingsuit Jumpers Racing Downhill Skiers as Thrilling as You'd Imagine

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If you were curious, jumping off a helicopter in a wingsuit to race some skiers, one wearing a parachute, isn't the most advisable thing in the world. However, video of other people doing it is quite captivating.

Next Impulse Sports' Pete Blackburn spotted this terrifying video of wingsuit fliers coming what seems to be dangerously close to their colleagues skiing down a mountain. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a great deal of information involved, but it does seem like the video is one brilliant slice from a much grander whole. 

The YouTube description states the video is an, "Extract from Nuit de la Glisse 2013 feature film: IMAGINE, Life spent on the Edge."

The daring souls ripping through the air slightly above their counterparts are Mathias Wyss and Ludovic Woerth, and they seem to have no trouble maneuvering just feet above the heads of their fellow athletes. 

The video starts out looking like something you might want to try on your next winter escape but quickly features some thrilling moments. 

At about one minute, 20 seconds the wingsuit fliers come in close to the slopes. In one instance, one of the two gets extremely close to a skier and then swoops to the right, nearly clipping the ground—at least that's what it looks like.  

This isn't the first time someone like Woerth—if that is indeed who flew close to his skiing colleague—has had a close call.

As the Daily Record reports, Woerth and fellow wingsuit jumper Espen Fadnes came extremely close to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:  

In the video, Fadnes gives a glimpse into the impetus behind such stunts: "The statue was in front of me, Rio below me in sunrise." He continues fondly, "It was just this absolutely out of my body moment." 

Leaping into the air in a wingsuit isn't the safest endeavor, but it's one that continues to yield some of the more spectacular videos on the Internet. 

We assume this means men like WyssWoerth and Fadnes will continue to push the sport higher, faster and, unfortunately, closer. 

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