Which Magic Team/Stan Van Gundy Shows Up Tonight?

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Which Magic Team/Stan Van Gundy Shows Up Tonight?

I know that it may seem that we really don't care for SVG as a coach. And there may be a lot of truth to that statement. But I, for one, have realized that he has the potential to be one of the best coaches in the league. Think about it. The guy won in Miami and now he has taken a rather green Orlando Magic squad to the NBA Finals. And if you need more evidence, he drew up

that could have changed the landscape of the Finals completely if it would've been executed.

But when it comes to sports betting, potential ain't worth a dime. And I'm sure a lot of money has changed hands because of SVG not living up to his potential.

But let's get to the potential of tonight's game. Tonight's game has the potential to be be an epic battle or complete blow-out. The key will be how well SVG can weather the "Kobe storm". If he panics, this one will be laughter. If he stays the course and sticks to what has gotten them here (that means leaving Jameer Nelson on the pine), they will have a chance to send this series to a game six.

But I'm not sure if SVG or the Magic will be able to weather the type of storm in store from Kobe tonight. You see, I'm not what you would call a "Kobe Bryant fan", but I respect the man's game. And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Kobe came away with a 50+ point game tonight just to prove his point. So what this really boils down to is whether or not the Magic can withstand Kobe Bryant tonight.

So what does the NBA basketball betting lines say about tonight's game?

Lakers +3 1/2
Magic - 3 1/2

Lakers +140
Magic -160

Whether you're betting or not, strap in because tonight's game will definitely be one for the ages. One way or another.

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