Idaho Hockey Fans Sue Arena for Misleading Beer Sizes and Prices

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2014

via YouTube

Nobody likes to get ripped off.

Sports arenas can get away with charging fans a lot of money at concession stands because the customers have no other options. However, some fans will make sure that they are indeed getting their money's worth.

According to, four Idaho hockey fans are suing CenturyLink Arena—home of the Idaho Steelheads—for misleading customers by charging more money for what they claimed to be bigger cups. The arena sold a "large" for $3 more than a "small."

As it turns out, the cups actually hold the same amount of beer. Oops.

The fans are seeking $10,000 in damages after buying the "large" for several years. 

According to the ESPN report, CenturyLink officials announced that the company never intended to mislead customers and would purchase new 24-ounce cups for the large beers, which is more than the 20 ounces that the old cups held. 

Stadium food and beverages are usually overpriced, so a few fans took the time to see if their money was being put to good use. It looks like their investigation will end up paying off for everyone.