The Dallas Cowboys: A Ticking Time Bomb

Scott ThornCorrespondent IApril 26, 2008

How long before we start hearing reports of Terrell Owens starring in a porno with Pacman Jones while Tank Johnson plays with guns in the background? Maybe never...

Maybe not.

Jerry Jones' big personality is reflected in the team he has assembled. While the previous scenario will (hopefully) never happen, the Cowboys are a team filled with larger than life characters and even bigger egos.

Even before the addition of Pacman, the 'Boys had a volatile mix.

Everyone remembers the purported suicide attempt by T.O., the Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson fiasco last season, and everything else in between. 

Now, the Cowboys have to hope that Pacman has learned his lesson—for real.

He may be saying all of the right things right now, but only time will tell whether or not he has actually changed. If not, the Cowboys could be in for a season of distractions. 

Even if Pacman doesn't cause any problems, no one can ever predict what T.O. is going to do. Nor can anyone be sure that Tank Johnson has conquered his propensity for legal trouble.

On this team, anything could happen.

Make no mistake, the Cowboys have all the talent to make a run for the Super Bowl next season—all of the pieces are in place.

However, Jerry Jones has effectively doused this team in gasoline, and he better hope that no one creates a spark.