Debate: Predict Ware's Stats in 2014

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Debate: Predict Ware's Stats in 2014
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The Broncos' incredible offseason continued as DeMarcus Ware has reportedly agreed to a 3-year deal. What will has stats look like in 2014? 


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Do some research dude, known of these deals are more than 3yrs, known have huge signing bonuses which are prorated and that's where u get in cap hell,...
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I could see him and Von each getting 15+ sacks and going off alternating games considering o lines can't guard our entire Dline with Vickerson, Wolfe,...
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Karma can be a bitch!!! Watch what you wish on people as it WILL come back in spades against your team!
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Lots of money spent on F.A.'s. I hope none of these guys turn into busts. Ware's average numbers would be great. If all the injured guys come back hea...
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