Celebrating the Genius of Lionel Messi: B/R UK Google+ Hangout Special

This week's Bleacher Report UK Google+ Hangout is a Lionel Messi special—and when we say special, we're also referencing a very special guest who'll be making a cameo midway through our discussion.

The Hangout will air live from 11:30 a.m. UK time on Thursday. If you miss it, playback will be available for eternity afterwards.

We'll be debating Messi's place in history and the nature of his genius with our main man Stan Collymore, B/R La Liga specialists Samuel Marsden and Paul Wilkes, WhoScored's Jenny Brown and YouTubers Mark Upson and Cole Pettum.

Please share any thoughts you have on Messi's career in the comments below or by tweeting at us with the hashtag #brhangout. We'd also love to hear you try to describe Messi in three words—the same hashtag applies.

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