Amazing Hockey Fight Ends in Best Way Possible, Opponents Slapping 5

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If ever there was a hockey fight in danger of being labeled adorable, this would be it. 

The Sideline spotted this wonderful moment taken from a recent game in the Quebec-based LNAH, a semi-pro hockey league. At some point, the game paused so a boxing match could break out. 

The players dropped their sticks and picked up their figurative pugilist gloves to drop some bombs on one another. 

Seen it before. 

However, the fight between Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch differs from most, because when it ends, high-fives and bro hugs are doled out as if the two just saw each other across the room at their high school reunion. 

This is the kind of congratulations that are given when your buddy comes back from the bar with a number or a surprise order of chicken wings, not when you have just finished rearranging his face. 

Theriault and Roch essentially decided to have Fight Club on the ice for all to see (pretty much breaking Rule No. 1) and then delved into some Waterboy:  

Sports Illustrated's Allan Muir has a bit more information on the game: 

The two squared off during the weekend in a game between Thetford Mines and Marquis de Jonquiere in Quebec’s Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey semi-pro circuit, and while Roch gave up four inches and 40 pounds to the one-time Washington Capitals prospect it ended up being an epic battle.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any word from either hockey bro on their brief moment of jubilation—not that we need any. 

These two exhausted athletes said it all: Fighting is part of the game. You exchange blows until your arms ache from the punching. 

But be sure to save a little bit of energy, because you still need to deliver a high-five and bro hug right after. 

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