The House Brought Down!

Dana CarlsonContributor IJune 14, 2009

June 13, 2009...Vimy Alberta hosted the Alberta Wrestling Federation for the second time.  A very lively crowd arrived to watch what turned out to be a fantastic show.  

AWF Heavyweight Champion Dylon "Man of Stone" Stone opened things up.  He talked about winning the title at the last show in Vimy in an 8 man elimination tag match.

Of course he boasted how he was far superior to the rest of the wrestlers and there was really no chance he wasn't going to win.  His opponent for the night, Dr. Maureau, unfortunately was unable to be there, so that left Stone without someone to wrestle.

Promoter Perry came out and addressed the situation, saying he searched far and wide for the right guy to wrestle Stone for his title.  He then introduced "Luscious" Jack Pride as the man that Stone was to face.

Pride came out and reminded "The Man of Stone" that he had almost defeated him at the last show to become the champ, and that tonight was going to be his night.

The two locked in a stare down and then left the ring.  The crowd was elated that Stone was going to have to face Pride.

Match 1 was the first in a number one contender contest.  "Sensational" Shaun Martens vs. Steven Hawkes.  The two fought a long hard match exchanging power moves and pin attempts.  Even with Dylon Stones' outside interferance, Hawkes was able to defeat Martens and move on in the tournament.

Next up was a triple threat, the winner to face Hawkes to be the No. 1 contender.  Nic Venom vs. Damian Angel vs. Addison Kayze.  This was a fast moving, hard hitting affair that had all three men come close to winning. 

In the end, it seemed as if Angel was going to pull it off when from out of nowhere, Kayze hit his finisher and barely able to make the cover for the pin, become victorious.  The win set up the final for the tournament: Kayze vs Steven Hawkes. 

Throughtout the match, Hawkes had to deal with the outside interferance of Kayzes' manager.  In what was a fairly even match, Kayze set Hawkes up for his finisher, but couldn't pick the big man up.

Hawkes nailed him with a DDT, followed by a punishing suplex.  A powerslam later, it was all over for Kayze.  Steven Hawkes stood victorious and would face the winner of Pride vs. Stone at the next show. 

Main event, for the heavyweight title.  "Luscious" Jack Pride entered the ring first, to the roar of the crowd.  Dylon Stone followed to a chorus of boos, he got into the face of several fans on his way to the ring.  This set the tone, as Pride was the obvious fan favorite.

The match see-sawed back and forth with many early pin attempts.  The high flyin' much faster Jack Pride started to wear down the champ.  Pride nailed Stone with a flurry of punches that had him reeling on the outside of the ropes.  Pride nailed him with a drop kick that sent Stone flying into the first row onto the fans.

As Stone got up, Pride went for a flying body press to the outside.  "The Man of Stone" caught Pride in mid air, and slammed him into the ring apron.  He then through Pride into the ring and followed up with a body slam and a suplex.

Stone continued to hit him with an arsonal of power moves.  He tried to set Pride up for the "Stone Cutter", but Pride managed to counter with a sleeper hold.  Stone almost fell victom to the sleeper, but managed to escape.  While still dazed, Pride scaled the ropes and caught Stone with a picture perfect swanton and got a 2 count.

Later in the match, Stone suplexed Pride from the top turnbuckle, hard onto the mat. He went for the cover, but Pride kicked out, causing Stone to lose his cool. 

As Pride was setting up a belly to back suplex, Stone grabbed the ref and low blowed Jack.  He then set him up and hit the "Stone Cutter" for the 3 count. 

Stone and Pride stole the show, and have started what is sure to be a very heated rivalry.  The next show in Vimy takes place Aug. 22, 2009.