Red Wings-Avalanche: Detroit Shows Why They Deserve The Stanley Cup

Katie EvansCorrespondent IApril 26, 2008

When it was reported  that Colorado's Peter Forsberg would not being playing in Game One due to a groin injury many Detroit Red Wings fans where not the least bit surprised.

Forsberg was a member of Colorado when the rivalry was at its prime before he was traded. This year, he was back in Colorado.

The same goes for Darren McCarty, who just recently became a Red Wing again and is well known for the infamous attack on Lemieux that led to "the turtle."

The Colorado Red Wings rivalry that began several years ago has since died down ,but after the injury to Nick Lidstrom there seemed to be a little bit of a flicker to the candle of rivalry that once existed between the two teams.

The Red Wings showed in Game One that they mean business and that they deserve to win the Stanley Cup. It wasn't the first time fans were nail biting into the third when Colorado quickly snuck up on them. But they will not let down the energy that is comes from that team.

Johan Franzen has continued to show his amazing talent after leading the team with not only goals and points in the playoffs, having more than Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg.

Chris Osgood has also been fantastic in net, making amazing saves. One example is his save in the last 10 seconds of Game One.

With the way Detroit has been playing it would not be a surprise to see Detroit make it all the way to the Cup.

One matchup for the Wings that could be interesting would be if it came down to Detroit and Pittsburgh. Both teams have been red-hot in the playoffs and that could lead to a very interesting Stanley Cup finals.