MMA Fighter Gets Choked Out, Mother Storms into Cage

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2014

via YouTube

It can be tough for a mother to watch her son lose, especially when he is an MMA fighter.

Caleb Frasher knocked out Joe Fisher at the OFC 20: March Massacre II in Columbus, Ohio. After her son was choked out in 36 seconds, Fisher's mother found a way into the ring to check on her son.

How did she get in? Juan Valle of Bluegrass MMA described the scene:

After the fight was over Fisher’s mother climbed the cage, to tend to her son who went to sleep during a rear-naked choke. She scaled the entire cage which stands nearly 9′ from the ground, rushed over to her son where she was greeted by Mark Matheny. The police had to escort her out of the cage while the medics took care of Fisher.

That's pretty wild. She was going to find a way into that cage no matter how high it was.

It may not have been the family's proudest moment, but at least this mother is willing to show just how much she cares about her son.

[YouTube, h/t VICEUSA TODAY's FTW]