Flyers-Capitals: Powerplay Rebound Goal Crushes Washington's Magical Season

Zack AngelineContributor IApril 26, 2008

Washington April 22nd,

It was Game 7, Flyers vs Capitals the game was tied 2-2 heading in to Overtime. Then the unthinkable happend to the Washington Capitals, a penalty was called. Penalty? called in Overtime? That is basically unheard of. Everybody that knows and watches the NHL, When the game goes to Overtime, the zebras aka referees usually put away there whisltes and the let the two teams decide the outcome of the game. How can a referee call a tripping penalty in a Game 7? To me it makes nosense, sure im a die-hard Washington Capitals fan, sure leading up to that call there could of been plenty of other penaltys that could of been called, but were not. So why call a tripping penalty now? Its Game 7 zebras dont let the other team loose on a powerplay goal. Thats just not right, But they did. It was a two minute tripping penalty call on the Capitals #2 D-Man in Tom Poti. The Philly fly guys now go on the powerplay in overtime, in a game 7. You guess it, with only 11 seconds left a shot from the point hits Cristobal Huets pad and the puck is just lying there for Joeffery Lupul to put home and seal the deal on a Game 7 overtime victory and series victory for the Philidelphia Flyers. Thats what exactly Lupul does, puts it home to crush the Capitals Magical season. Sure the call was judgemental, sure the Capitals were dominating the Flyers the whole game leading up to that moment, sure the ref called a penalty in overtime, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Flyers were probaly going to score the winning goal after they had that powerplay. Yes I am a Capitals fan, but would you like your teams fate to be decided on one call in overtime, in a game 7?