David Beckham and 10 Acting Footballers

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2014

David Beckham and 10 Acting Footballers

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    David Beckham has many strings to his bow, and he will add another acting gig to his CV when he appears in the first Only Fools & Horses episode in 10 years for Sport Relief on March 21st. 

    Becks told the Radio Times (via The Daily Mail) that he is taking the role pretty seriously and was very nervous about appearing with his on-screen heroes.

    The former Manchester United star has shown us his acting chops before in the Goal! film series, but he is expected to have a lot more lines in the East London comedy sketch.

    In honour of Beckham's thespian pursuits, here are 10 other footballers who have turned to acting.

Eric Cantona

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    Soon after he hung up his kung fu-kicking boots, Eric Cantona pursued a career in acting. 

    The Manchester United legend has appeared in more than 15 French-language films, but his most famous acting role was almost certainly 2009's Looking For Eric, in which he played a version of himself that only a postman could see. 


Vinnie Jones

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    Warning: clip contains NSFW language

    One of football's most successful acting careers landed at the feet of Vinnie Jones, who filmed his parts for Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels after he had finished training at Wimbledon each day. 

    Vinnie is now the go-to guy for the English tough guy roles in Hollywood. His finest moment was surely his "I'm the juggernaut, b**ch!" exclamation in the X-Men franchise.  


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    Pele—deemed one of the world's greatest-ever players by everyone not named Diego Maradona—starred in the 1981 classic Escape to Victory alongside fellow professionals Bobby Moore and Ossie Ardiles.

    Sadly, his prowess in front of the camera ultimately didn't match his performances on the field. 

    Pele's acting skills (or English speaking skills) were deemed unfit for his famous erectile dysfunction advert, so comedian Peter Serafinowicz actually voiced it. 


Ally McCoist

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    In 2001, while still playing at Kilmarnock, Ally McCoist starred in A Shot At Glory, a tale of an ex-Celtic striker attempting to bring his magic to his hometown club. 

    He hasn't acted since. 

Stan Collymore

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    It's a little-known fact that Bleacher Report's very own Stan Collymore has been in a Hollywood movie. 

    In 2005, he acted alongside Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2, with his character meeting an untimely end in the first few minutes by driving his car into the River Thames.

    Ms Stone was highly complimentary of her time working with the former Liverpool striker. 

Nicolas Anelka

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    Nicolas Anelka has been known to act like a fool a few times in his football career, but he has committed to acting of a different kind on the silver screen.

    The disgraced West Brom forward featured in Dead Weight (known as Le Boulet in France), where he starred as a footballer called Nicolas. Bit of a stretch, that one. 

David Ginola

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    Anelka's compatriot David Ginola didn't only show off his acting chops in shampoo and car adverts.

    The former Newcastle star had roles in a few French short films before stepping up to 2006 war drama The Last Drop, in which he starred alongside the likes of Billy Zane and Nick Moran. 

Frank Leboeuf

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    According to the IMDB, French World Cup winner Frank Leboeuf has nine television and movie credits to his name, including two action films that are currently in production. 

    The clip above is from the 2008 film Golden Goal!, and you see Leboeuf elbowing someone in the face near the end.

    Judging by the trailer, it seems incredible this film was ignored by the Academy. 


Graeme Souness and Sammy Lee

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    In the penultimate episode of 1980s Liverpudlian drama Boys From The Blackstuff, Reds stars Graeme Souness and Sammy Lee put in an appearance. 

    Souness gets a bigger role, presumably because Lee was too busy chewing on the scenery to get a word in.

    It's virtually impossible to watch this show now without being reminded of Harry Enfield's scousers

Ian Wright

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    These days, Ian Wright spends most of his time shouting his opinions about football on the radio, but more than a decade after retiring from the beautiful game, he also took a stab at acting. 

    In 2011, he had a leading role in Gun of the Black Sun, which has a very enticing teaser on IMDB:

    A Nazi Luger Pistol from W.W.2 with dark and mystical powers re-emerges in modern day Bucharest and is taken to London.

    Sounds brilliant.


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