A Rant From a Wrestling Fan

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IJune 14, 2009

How often has this happened to you, a relative, or a friend, they constantly try to convince you that wrestling is fake even though you know it. A few weeks back, my cousin kept trying to convert me to liking MMA just because it is, real.

In truth, it doesn't matter if its real or not, to a wrestling fan its about the spectacle, about the grandeur, about the showmanship.

But to suggest that MMA or UFC is much better based on the fact it is real, is not much of an argument. We have all witnessed the carnage that is Hardcore, the blood bath that ensues, two combatants pushing themselves to the limit.

And for what? The fans of course, they put it all on the line for one show to entertain the faithful who come to the show wanting to believe it is real.

Now another thing is, to go through all the Hardcore matches the likes of Mick Foley, Sabu, and Tommy Dreamer had over the years takes a hell of a lot more endurance than any MMA fighter would have.

These three men have been put through tables, been hit with chairs, been brutalized with barbed wired bats, and endured a nightmare known as a barbed-wire match. Now I'm not sure if they barbed wire around the ring is the same quality as what we use on the farm, but I know the barbs can be pretty sharp.

I would think that part of the training professional wrestlers go through includes pain management. To be able to be on the road 300 hundred days of the year, performing the night after a pay per view where you suffered an injury that just has you feeling like you were trampled by a horse is what real athleticism is about.

Then there is the fact the two industries are completely different. In Pro Wrestling, it doesn't matter how good you are as a fighter, you have to also be marketable. People aren't too interested in someone who looks like they did a dime in the state penitentiary.

Wrestlers have some things that work for them: they've got style, they've got a look, they've got personality.

Now lets talk about the last thing, showmanship. Now I'm not sure but I don't think MMA fighters could do the things we're used to in professional wrestling. No diving elbow drops, no flashy submissions, and lastly no springboard moves. I find these moves to be what bring us in to watch wrestling.

Sure it's not believable, but we love it, we see the 619, the swanton bomb, the shooting star press, and we mark out.

We see them mount the turnbuckle and we automatically respond in this manner, "Oh my god! Here it comes!" and then they hit the move and we pretty much freak out from seeing the move.

That is what we watch for. We enjoy it, and its tiresome after a while when we have to tolerate hatred for the sport. It would be nice if the fans of MMA would respect our  love of the pseudo sport, though it is fake, it isn't something any of us could do.

How many of us could hit the 619, shooting star press, chuck kick, or starship pain? Most of us would injure ourselves trying. And that is why we watch, because we would rather watch it.

Besides, if we wanted to just watch MMA, we would, but MMA is just a fad, a tool for the elitests to lord over us, people who they believe are simple-minded.

But these people are hypocrites, plain and simple; we both enjoy watching combat, we just like to watch fights that are less likely to be a disappointment. Unless its, you know, a Triple H vs. Orton match, because we know RKO will be buried alive pretty much.

That's my two cents, if you don't like my views, sorry, but this is how I feel. This is something I felt needed to be put out there, and it is high time we started to voice our disgust with their criticisms of a proud industry that pretty much brings performers of all countries together.

Pro Wrestling is something that is popular the world over, its the one thing that Japan, America, Mexico, and many other countries have in common. And to borrow from R-Truth, thats the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.