Sharks-Stars: San Jose Locals Have Shark Fever

Anthony WaiCorrespondent IApril 26, 2008

San Jose, California, USA.

The city of San Jose was mad with Cup Fever, as many fans around the city proudly sported their T-shirts and jerseys before Game One against Dallas on Friday.

A few teal-clad pedestrians admitted they had bought their new apparel that very day, further augmenting the already large Sharks fan base.

One young woman I bumped into in the elevator, excitedly told me about the new Nabokov jersey she'd bought that morning. She and her friend were on their way to Dave & Buster's to watch the game on TV.

Even locals not normally known to follow sports got into the act, deciding to spend Friday night at a bar or sanctioned viewing party to root for their city's team. One of them was my boss.

Sharks talk was prevalent anywhere people congregated on the San Jose State campus. Earlier in the week, tickets were sold out 15 minutes after going on sale. One of my colleagues waited in line for them, but didn't have any of the lucky lottery numbers.

Being from Southern California, it was very charming to see such passion for hockey in a non-traditional area. Get rid of the palm trees, and you'd think you were in Canada.

As expected, the first game of the Western Semifinals was a intense affair. The game went into sudden-death overtime, when the Stars eventually won 3-2.

Next Game: Sunday, April 27 9:00 pm ET on Versus