Triple H Must Put Daniel Bryan over Strongly in Current Program

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 11, 2014


It's inevitable that Triple H will take over from his father-in-law Vince McMahon one day in running WWE—whether it's tomorrow or five years now.

As such, he should now be working strenuously to ensure the future of the company that will soon be his.

And one ideal way for “The Game” to do this is to go out of his way to put over Daniel Bryan as strongly as possible in their current feud.


Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan became official on Monday’s night Raw, when Bryan—surrounded by a mob of loud and frantic fans he had brought into the ring—sensationally hijacked the show and demanded a match at WrestleMania with his boss. An enraged Triple H agreed.

More crucially, Bryan also demanded that he if won the bout, he would be inserted into the Randy Orton-Dave Batista bout later on in the night. Triple H acquiesced to that too.  


So, after six months of being insulted and demeaned by The Authority, it’s more than time for Bryan to gain his revenge and then go on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (the ultimate slap in the face to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon).

In fact, WWE has been building him up for a huge WrestleMania push for months. And it's easy to see why: Bryan is enormously over with wrestling fans—they vociferously chant and cheer for him practically everywhere he goes.

CM Punk's departure and Batista's disappointing return may well have solidified his status: WWE really doesn't have too many successful babyfaces at the moment.

It looks like Bryan will face these two at WrestleMania.
It looks like Bryan will face these two at WrestleMania.Credit:

Even if Vince McMahon is less-than-thrilled about pushing someone of Bryan’s size, he doesn’t have much of a choice, frankly.

The company truly is relying on the former Nexus member—and this is why Triple H has to do everything in his power to make him a main eventer. And it’s not just about lying down and getting pinned for the one-two-three. The Game also has to make him look heavily credible.

Rob Van Dam, victim of Triple H.
Rob Van Dam, victim of Triple H.Credit:

Even the most devoted of Triple H fans would have to admit that their man doesn't exactly have the best reputation around when it comes to putting over new talent.

Rob Van Dam, Scott Steiner and Booker T all saw their careers flounder after feuding with him in the early '00s. His nonsensical squash of Booker T at WrestleMania 19 was, in particular, dreadful.

Sadly, his narcissistic and counterproductive behavior has continued to blight WWE television in recent years.

For proof look no further than his now-infamous promo in October of last year in which he verbally trashed Van Dam, Chris Jericho and Edge, obnoxiously claiming that if those guys had been on top during the Monday night wars, everyone in WWE would be working for Ted Turner right now.

Bryan, per The Game, was in the same category. Good, but not quite good enough.

Per reports, the controversial promo, unsurprisingly, infuriated many backstage, with PWInsider (via WrestlingInc) mentioning that people backstage felt Triple H had needlessly buried Bryan.


There were other issues stemming from the remarks. As WrestlingInc notes, Jericho lashed out on his Twitter too after Raw aired, although claimed in a later interview with Busted Out Radio he had overreacted. (Honestly, to me, this felt more like Jericho being diplomatic rather than actually being OK with what was said.) 

What a mess Triple H got himself into with that one. And for what, exactly?

It's difficult to say how people in WWE feel about Triple H right now—although it's hard to believe he's beloved backstage, especially after that promo. Considering he's lined up to take over no matter what, it's possible he doesn't care about how he's viewed.

However, is that really smart and diplomatic business? Of course not. You want everyone's respect when you eventually take over; it makes the transition in power that much easier.

And if Triple H—who is clearly not a stupid man—wants to rectify the damage done in the past, he should go out of his way to put over Bryan at WrestleMania—in the cleanest manner possible.