Indian Wells 2014: Magical Draw Poised to Showcase Golden Age of Tennis

Andrew ProchnowAnalyst IMarch 10, 2014

INDIAN WELLS, CA - MARCH 08:  Rafael Nadal of Spoain celebrates his win over Radek Stepanek of Czech Republic during the BNP Parabas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden on March 8, 2014 in Indian Wells, California.  (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The tennis gods recently served up an absolutely thrilling draw for the Masters 1000 tournament that recently kicked off in Indian Wells, California. 

Although one half of the draw is arguably much heftier in terms of talent density than the other, that imbalance should provide sizable dividends for worldwide fans of the sport.

As things currently stand, the tournament looks like it will weave together some vibrant story lines to produce what could be one of the most magnificent tournaments seen in many years. 

At first blush, players and fans were likely taken aback by the thought of Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Stanislas Wawrinka all sharing one side of the draw. However, further analysis reveals that the projected late-round matchups could provide some jaw-dropping quality and intriguing drama.

The quarterfinals are where the men's draw should start to sizzle like the dry desert backdrop of the event. If things go as planned, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal will likely be squaring off along with Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka. 

A quarterfinal between Murray and Nadal would be the players' first meeting in over two years. The last time they clashed in Tokyo during 2011, Murray hadn't yet hired Ivan Lendl, nor had he won his first Grand Slam. Nadal currently owns a 13-5 record against the Scot, and you can bet these two close friends will be all business if the match does materialize. 

In the same round of the tournament and on the same half of the draw there's also the potential for an extremely enticing matchup between Roger Federer and his countryman Stanislas Wawrinka. The two share a close bond and have played together extensively as teammates on the Swiss national team.

If Federer and Wawrinka square off at Indian Wells in 2014 you can likely throw all that camaraderie out the window. Wawrinka is currently ranked ahead of Federer and has likewise supplanted the Swiss Maestro as the highest-ranked player in Switzerland. 

Although the two won gold in doubles at the 2008 Olympics, they have also occasionally exchanged barbs in the media over some Davis Cup differences of opinion. While those comments are probably tucked back into the deep corners of each player's mind, there's some reason to believe that the competitive fire on-court in California could reignite some of these past frustrations.

The last time the two faced each other in singles was at this same event last year. Federer squeaked by in the third set of that match, and additionally holds a fairly convincing 13-1 lifetime record against Wawrinka in head-to-head competition.

If you like those two quarterfinals as appetizers then you might achieve tennis nirvana over the potential matchup on that half of the draw in the semifinals. 

Based on results from the recent Australian Open, there's reason to believe that Nadal and Wawrinka will be the victors in their quarterfinal matches. Nadal has a decisive edge against Murray in past play, while Wawrinka continues to have the wind at his back after winning his first Slam. 

Those factors could equate to a semifinal rematch at Indian Wells that features the finalists from the 2014 Australian Open. The tennis world undoubtedly be on the edge of its seat for that matchup, as the first Slam of the year seemed to produce more questions than answers. 

Under that hypothetical scenario, the central question of the semifinal would be fairly straightforwardcan Wawrinka back up his first career Slam by beating the Spaniard twice in a row? 

A victory would go a long way in reinforcing Wawrinka's legitimacy. If Federer moves out of his quarter and faces Nadal then fans would obviously be treated to a similarly intriguing matchup. 

Regardless of the ultimate representative from that half of the draw, the championship round in the desert should be a barn-burner. Whoever makes it through the minefield will likely be facing Novak Djokovic in the final. 

Hypothetically speaking, a championship between either Djokovic and Nadal or Djokovic and Wawrinka would probably represent the highest quality matchup possible, based on current world rankings and the recent intensity of those two rivalries. The three players also currently hold the top few spots in the world rankings. 

The best aspect of the Indian Wells tournament in 2014 is that the real winners are undoubtedly the fans. During one of the greatest eras the sport has ever seen, fans are being treated to an event that should showcase both the depth of talent and a unique perspective on some of the tour’s more complex rivalries. 

Although Indian Wells is not a Grand Slam, it sure feels like a major tennis event is upon us!