Physical Demand of Soccer

patContributor IApril 26, 2008

some people say that soccer is the sport that is played by those who are not good enough to play one of the 5 'major' american sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and golf). i say that those people got it backwards.

technology has been divised to determine the distance run in a single professional soccer game by any given player. watching the champions league on espn 2 is the only time i have seen this stat broadcast duting a game. so, the best midfielders run about 10,000 meters a game, about 60 games a year, about 12 or thirteen years to a career. you can calculate how much they run. its a lot. meanwhile, possibly the best professional football player to live, emmet smith, ran for 18,355 yards in his entire career. that is covered by a pro soccer player in less than 2 games.

marathon runners train for years at a time for one marathon. over 26 miles, 42195 meters, thats how far they have to run. going back to my statistics above, a pro soccer player will cover that in just over 4 games, about two weeks. to run a marathon every two weeks, they are the best athletes in the world. case closed