Penalty Kick Ends in Failure When Striker Foolishly Listens to Goalkeeper

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Sydney FC goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic took time away from the match at hand to play some mind games with the opponent. 

Yahoo! Sports' Ryan Bailey spotted this video taken from Saturday's fixture between Sydney and Western Sydney Wanderers, one Sydney FC would eventually win, 3-1. 

Bailey writes on one of the more peculiar moments in the game, and one that happens so quickly you may have missed it upon initial watching: 

When the 51st-minute spot kick was awarded, the Croatian shot stopper made the unusual decision to tell Wanderers striker Mark Bridge exactly where to place it. As you can see in the video above, he points to his left side several times and Janjetovic even claims he told Bridge to shoot towards that side of the goal.

Indeed, at around the 45-second mark, you see that Bridge wins a penalty kick. Before he can even settle on where to go with the ball, Janjetovic embarks on a brief journey into his head. 

The goalkeeper marks to his left, as if daring his opponent to beat him to that side. Pride, however, can be a great asset or horrible detriment for athletes. For a very confident Bridge, it was unfortunately the latter. 

The striker does what he is told and sees his free kick parried away quickly. More importantly, as Bailey states, this squandered an opportunity to put his team up 2-0 at this point in the game. 

The World Game's Philip Micallef has this from the 26-year-old goalkeeper: 

I just challenged him to put it to my left. I went over to the left and I told him 'Bridgey put it on the left'. He took me up on that, I stood by and came up with the save. I think that the save lifted the boys who immediately put in five or 10 per cent more. I believe it may have shifted momentum in our favour.

Micallef writes that Janjetovic, "has established himself as Sydney's No. 1 goalkeeper." It's no wonder when he can do more than merely block shots but also command a good measure of the opposition's tactics. The guy is like Professor X with really big gloves. 

However, we don't necessarily see this rather humorous example of mind control working in the future. Other would-be strikers are wise to this particular trick and will shoot where they please next time. 

We are confident Janjetovic will have thought up some other silly way to rip back an advantage. Let's just hope there is a video available when it happens. 

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