Usos Win Tag Team Titles Just in Time to See Division Disintegrate

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMarch 10, 2014


Raw Chicago was highlighted by multiple high-profile matches, with one of them being a tag team match between The Usos and The New Age Outlaws.

The finish saw The Usos capture the WWE Tag Team Championships for the first time. The last three tag team champions—Cody and Goldust, The New Age Outlaws and now The Usos—received tremendous reactions for their championship victories.

The Usos are a throwback tag team that can be identified as a single unit. After becoming increasingly popular, through an entertaining pre-match chant and a high-flying style of wrestling, fans were pleased to witness them capture their first tag team titles.

The Usos win juxtaposed with The New Age Outlaws capturing the tag team titles, as the legendary team had done so for the sixth time while being the only tag team to win championships after a 14-year drought.

It's been a long time since tag team wrestling was this hot, but when surveying a suddenly decimated division, it's hard to imagine it staying hot.

Several recent feuds revolve around top tag teams splitting up. The Prime Time Players are no more, after Titus O'Neil turned on former partner Darren Young. The Real Americans are on the verge of a split, as are The Shield, and even if the Rhodes brothers stay together, they have been seldom heard from since their steel cage match against The New Age Outlaws.

WWE tag team wrestling, a point of emphasis in 2013 into early 2014, is once again beginning to resemble the uninspired wasteland it was before catching fire.

The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are one of the few pairs who seem to be able to stay on the same page, but they aren't going to be around forever.

Despite a renaissance run as tag team champions, their combined age is 94. They simply cannot and will not be relied upon to anchor this division.

That leaves The Usos and everyone else, and by everyone else, I mean virtually nobody.

Los Matadores are a novelty act who have very little connection with the audience outside of their entrance. In fact, the most popular member of Los Matadores is El Torito, who wrestles strictly on a run-in basis. 

The Wyatts, namely Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, present an intriguing challenge, but the entire unit is currently wrapped up in a feud against John Cena. One must search the bottom of the WWE barrel and find tag teams like RybAxel and 3MB to find signs of life.

In order for the Usos to further their momentum, and keep the tag team titles relevant, they'll need sustained legitimate competition.

Unfortunately, that competition seems to have dried up just as things were starting to get good.

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