A Great Match You've Probably Never Seen (Vol. 2)

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 13, 2009

I've had some time on my hands to look at some more matches outside of the United States. Here's another for you, this time featuring the women of the Mexican promotion AAA:

Faby Apache vs. Mary Apache, Triplemania 16

Yes, these were sisters going at it with each other. About this time these two were heavily feuding with each other. Practically every member of the family was involved in this feud, with their father on Mary's side and Faby's husband on hers.

Now, if you've ever hungered for two women's wrestlers to really physically go at it with each other, watch this.

The physicality between the two is brutal, both drawing blood on each other. The two of them are quite talented wrestlers, and this match really showcased their skills.

Definitely a highly recommended match.