20 Funniest Player Twitter Accounts

Tom Sunderland@@TomSunderland_Featured ColumnistMarch 14, 2014

20 Funniest Player Twitter Accounts

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    Lionel Cironneau/Associated Press

    Social media has become part and parcel of the modern player's professional repertoire. However, it's a vocation that not every star in world football has taken to embracing.

    While some detest the thought of entering their personal thoughts and feelings into the public sphere, others thrive on the opportunity, and their followers love them for it.

    Here, we've ranked some of the most comical players on Twitter, using those 140 characters to great advantage, although it depends upon one's interpretation as to what "funny" truly means.

    Where possible, only verified accounts have been included, and however tempting it may be to promote their causes, parody accounts have been ignored, with only currently active players taken into account.

20. Nicklas Bendtner

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    Bogdan Maran/Associated Press

    Club: Arsenal

    Twitter Handle: @bendtnerb52

    He's far from everybody's cup of tea on the pitch, but at least Nicklas Bendtner has used his time simmering on the outskirts of the Arsenal squad to his advantage in recent years.

    The Danish international is an avid user of the social networking site, mainly used to promote the snaps added to his Instagram, whether it be a trip to the zoo, disclosing his love of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or informing his followers of some obscure fashion choices.

    Then there are the less intentionally funny posts that allude to Bendtner's intention's of "ruling the box," but even those jokes made without purpose can still be found amusing. 

19. Giuseppe Rossi

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    Fabrizio Giovannozzi/Associated Press

    Club: Fiorentina

    Twitter Handle: @GiuseppeRossi22

    On the pitch, Giuseppe Rossi is a quiet and unassuming character, often biding his time before waiting for the ideal moment to strike at the opposition.

    On Twitter, the Italian international is somewhat more conspicuous about his presence, telling all that follow about his day-to-day happenings, such as reviewing films, discussing other sporting matters like the NBA or retweeting pictures of Bob Marley having a post-match tipple.

    Recent highlights from Rossi's timeline include a short passage explaining how the screams of wife Tina, actually caused by the New York Jets' acquisition of Eric Decker, were mistaken for a burglar, as well as trying to clear up his own confusion regarding what a leap year is. 

18. Nile Ranger

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    Gareth Copley/Getty Images

    Club: Swindon Town

    Twitter Handle: @NilePowerRanger

    Nile Ranger's fall from promising Premier League youngster to the line-ups of the lower leagues has been a difficult watch at times, with his own reputation for mischief seemingly playing its part in the forward's drop through the divisions.

    However, Twitter is one arena where the 22-year-old can stand as an equal, and depending on what floats your boat, his honesty in the public forum can be comical.

    For some reason, Ranger has a fondness for tweeting with his caps lock turned on for the entirety of his contributions, but in some scenarios, it only helps make the more mundane topics that much more enjoyable.

17. Joey Barton

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    Jan Kruger/Getty Images

    Club: Queens Park Rangers

    Twitter Handle: @Joey7Barton

    A Marmite follow if ever there was one, you either love or hate the musings of QPR midfielder Joey Barton, with not much room for grey areas in between.

    Honest, to the point and mostly unafraid of any backlash that might be fired in his direction, one certainly can't pull Barton up for his loyalty to Twitter, frequently commenting on sport, politics, general news or any other topic he sees fit.

    Undoubtedly not everyone's cup of tea, but then those who are may not be considered as funny.

16. Sean Morrison

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    Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

    Club: Reading

    Twitter Handle: @seanmorrison_91

    If there's one thing that Sean Morrison will always be remembered for aside from his career on the field, it's his remarkable achievement of getting "#cerealquest" trending on Twitter in late 2012.

    The Reading defender's antics went viral, entertaining himself through part of an injury absence by attempting to try every cereal in the world, kindly reviewing each sample for his followers.

    There's plenty of non-cereal-related material on Morrison's account that will go down a treat, too, but when you've got a defender telling you exactly why Golden Nuggets are quite so hard to resist, what more could you want?

15. Ryan Babel

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    Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

    Club: Kasimpasa

    Twitter Handle: @RyanBabel

    And like the aforementioned Morrison, Ryan Babel's Twitter fame is mostly thanks to one gleaming moment that still gets referenced to this day.

    While still at Liverpool in 2011, the Dutch winger faced an FA probe after editing an image of referee Howard Webb to insinuate that the official had Manchester United impartiality, per Daniel Taylor of The Guardian.

    The frequency with which Babel updates his timeline is akin to that of a teenage girls, and it's mostly his nigh minute-by-minute analysis of matches and comments on the hip-hop industry that entertain most.

14. Ashley Cole

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    Ian Walton/Getty Images

    Club: Chelsea 

    Twitter Handle: @TheRealAC3

    Another one of those examples that would seek to prove the theory correct that controversy causes comedy, Ashley Cole is a man whom not all will find very amusing.

    But for those able to laugh at the tell-all words of the Chelsea left-back, Cole can certainly be a funny figure to follow, with a carefree attitude often rising to the fore of his account, which now boasts almost 1.5 million followers.

    Recent highlights from the Blues' boy include commenting on rumours that he may be homosexual, referring to Michael Essien as "a bison," and making light of his own controversial standing in the football fraternity.

13. Johnnie Jackson

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    Julian Finney/Getty Images

    Club: Charlton Athletic

    Twitter Handle: @johnnie_jackson

    For most footballers, the Twitter biography section is an opportunity to tell those potential followers a short blurb about themselves, often detailing what club they play for or perhaps even a brand they represent.

    Not for Charlton Athletic captain Johnnie Jackson, though, who instead uses his bio as a space to quote Breaking Bad's Walter White, and nothing more. 

    As if that wasn't "hip" and "cool" enough of the Addicks leader, he takes a decent chunk of his day in replying to nigh upon every person who tweets him, not to mention getting a tad more personal in his football politics.

12. David Luiz

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    Handout/Getty Images

    Club: Chelsea

    Twitter Handle: @DavidLuiz_4

    Were more of his posts in English and not Portuguese, David Luiz would find himself right up there with the funniest footballers on Twitter, but enough of the centre-back's timeline can be deciphered for the odd chuckle.

    That's something that 2.14 million people would seem to agree with anyway, and the Chelsea utility has assembled such a massive posse for good reason.

    Selfies, general good will to his followers and the constant referral to his fans as "geezers" are just some of the reasons that Luiz goes down as a worthwhile bookmark.

11. Ade Akinfenwa

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    Pete Norton/Getty Images

    Club: Gillingham

    Twitter Handle: @daRealAkinfenwa

    Going on Twitter handle alone, one might think that @daRealAkinfenwa might be a parody account, but alas, aptly so, the striker is the genuine article going by that handle.

    The self-titled "strongest man in football" is an avid fan of gaming, sometimes motivational speaker and rightful promoter of the world movement that is Nandos' chicken.

    Although not a steadfast rule, one usually finds that the lower down the leagues they look, the more honest and unabashed players become in their social media presence.

    In Akinfenwa's case, the hypothesis is admittedly true, and we're all better off for it.

10. Sammy Ameobi

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    SCOTT HEPPELL/Associated Press

    Club: Newcastle United

    Twitter Handle: @Sammy_Ameobi

    At just 21 years of age, Sammy Ameobi is poised primely in the generation of young players growing up with tools like Twitter at their side, and it shows in his online presence.

    In truth, Shola's younger brother comes across as a truly genuine persona in his Twitter activity, meaning you can't help but like the player and thus find his posts more likeable as a result.

    Things like Ameobi's comments on how he'd like to take a nap on the Welsh cloud cover and comments on Kanye West's claims to being the next Nelson Mandela just can't help but make for funny content.

9. Ross McCormack

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    Rob Munro/Getty Images

    Club: Leeds United

    Twitter Handle: @Rossmccormack44

    Funnier for his retweeting than anything else, Ross McCormack is a good feeder of funny content, a promoter of good will, often with a football tint.

    The Scottish international's account is a hub of flash-in-the-pan comedy, illusion puzzles and other useless "you had to be there" moments, it gets the laughs it warrants.

    Good work, Ross.

8. Adam Campbell

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    Stu Forster/Getty Images

    Club: (St. Mirren, on loan from Newcastle United)

    Twitter Handle: @adamcampbell_

    They say that blondes have more fun? Well, Adam Campbell is flying a strong flag for the gingers of our football Twitterati.

    Like McCormack, Campbell is a happy clicker of useless follows, but nevertheless appreciated because of his active feeding through of that content to us.

    However, Campbell contributes funny posts of his own, unlike the Leeds United striker, filling us in on his video gaming habits, unsuccessful horse betting and adoration of curling.

7. Rio Ferdinand

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    David Ramos/Getty Images

    Club: Manchester United

    Twitter Handle: @rioferdy5

    We're all aware that Rio Ferdinand is a bit of a jester. If you don't agree, you haven't seen the Manchester United defenders "punking" of David Beckham or his winding up of Gary Neville.

    As if his actions didn't speak loud enough in the flesh, Ferdinand is an extremely active member of the online society, commenting on training field antics, accusations of diving in football and selfie madness.

6. Noel Hunt

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    Michael Regan/Getty Images

    Club: Leeds United

    Twitter Handle: @boyhunt

    Any player willing to quote Cool Runnings when the occasion arises is okay in my book.

    Noel Hunt gives that, his personal reaction to unveiling his first-ever selfie, the customary talking of the weather and singing the lyrics to the best song from the Little Mermaid soundtrack.

    Never change, Noel.

5. Roman Golobart

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Used to take girls on dates in Sharpys

    Club: Cologne

    Twitter Handle: @PutifarGolobart

    Ex-Wigan Athletic defender Roman Golobart likes to laugh, that much we can tell without necessarily having heard the player utter a word.

    Though unknown to the mass public at Cologne, Golobart's small following in just the thousands get good value for their loyalty, lucky enough to find out where he would take his dates in Wigan, regular postings of Louis CK videos and other fine works.

4. Robert Huth

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    Christopher Lee/Getty Images

    Club: Stoke City

    Twitter Handle: @robert_huth

    Germany really broke the mould when they made Robert Huth, who defies the stereotype of his nation's dry sense of humour, bringing some genuine wit and snappy insults via his Twitter timeline.

    One area where the giant defender does remain true to his roots, however, is in adopting a straight-laced, no-nonsense approach online, very recently pulling no punches in laughing at divers in football.

    The casual prodding of his teammates' tempers goes a long way to Huth's comedy value, too, with plenty of other LOL-worthy musings along the way.

3. Mario Balotelli

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    Denis Doyle/Getty Images

    Club: Milan

    Twitter Handle: @FinallyMario

    Mario Balotelli takes the liberty of addressing his own tardiness in "finally" joining Twitter in his handle, so you know straight off the bat that you're in for some giggles.

    If you are one of the handful of people in the world unfamiliar with the mannerisms of the Italian international, his Twitter is a good place to quickly get to grips with precisely the kind of character he is.

    For the most part, Balotelli tweets in Italian, so it's a good thing that a picture speaks a thousand words, and he's got plenty to say through the visual medium.

2. Emmanuel Frimpong

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Club: Barnsley

    Twitter Handle: @IAMFRIMPONG26

    If ever there were a player who might have benefited his career slightly had he chosen to stay off Twitter, but didn't, it would be Emmanuel Frimpong.

    Unashamed and proud of his background, the former Arsenal midfielder, now at Barnsley, is famed for his close relation with cousin and grime artist Lethal Bizzle and more so their invention of the word "dench."

    Frimpong is so funny because he's relatable; he comments on real-life issues and posts candid content that we can all understand—for the most part—and he's built up a whopping 729,000 followers because of it.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    Christophe Ena/Associated Press

    Club: Paris Saint-Germain

    Twitter Handle: @Ibra_official

    Another Marmite player, but unlike Barton or Cole, one would probably be safe in assuming there's a more acquired taste in Zlatan Ibrahimovic's ranks.

    The Swede is a hilarious character on and off the pitch, famous for his "Zlatanisms" and slew of memorable comments or phrases that have gone down in football folklore.

    Ibrahimovic is flavour of the month right now, pairing up with Nike to dish his followers some fatherly advice with a spin that only he could add, per the Mirror's Jack Lang.