Twins 2, Cubs 0: Shutout and Shutdown

Damen JacksonCorrespondent IJune 13, 2009

Kosuke Fukudome-Chicago Cubs

Kosuke Fukudome (Cubbie Nation/file)


Filed: Jun. 13, 2009

The Cubs offensive problems continued Saturday, with rookie starter Anthony Swarzak, Matt Guerrier, and Joe Nathan shutting them down en route to a 2-0 victory.

Let me give you some advice: Put some dirt on it and walk it off. Seriously

It's a beautiful day in Chicago, summer is practically here, and this game just isn't worth ranting about. It was over practically before it started when Jason Kubel homered in the second inning off of Rich Harden—activated today from the DL—to put the Twins up 1-0. Rich was great in his outing, as the Cubs starter generally have been during this terrible stretch, but the offense could do nothing against Swarzak.

There's an expression going around finance right now called "The New Normal". E-mail me if you like, and I'll explain it in economic terms, but the expression very much fits the Cubs right now as well. They're just not a real good team, .500 at best.

That's not going to change until a) Aramis Ramirez returns, and looks at least somewhat normal, or b) Jim Hendry drops the charade, dips into his pitching surplus, and finds a complementary bat. Paging Russell Branyan. Paging Mr. Branyan.

Until then, Lou doesn't have any answers, as he pointedly confirmed during his post-game interview, and we really shouldn't look for any either. Just know the pieces are there to make a run when some semblance of an offense is found, and keep your fingers crossed that someone in the Central doesn't go on a season-killing tear before that happens.