5 Signs WWE Won't Add Daniel Bryan to WrestleMania Main Event

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMarch 9, 2014

5 Signs WWE Won't Add Daniel Bryan to WrestleMania Main Event

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Daniel Bryan's always rabid fanbase has been clinging to every inkling of hope that Bryan—and his Yes Movement—will headline WrestleMania.

    Despite every indication that Bryan is headed toward a match against Triple H at WWE's biggest show, myopia has reigned supreme in many Internet circles. 

    After That Ending It Is Possible Daniel Bryan Could Have Two Matches At WrestleMania, A Singles Match With Triple H & The Triple Threat...

    — Nick Vargas (@NickHgMn96) March 4, 2014

    Some scenarios have called for Bryan's match against Triple H to earn him a spot in the main event. Others have clung to the one spot during his match against Batista on Raw when Batista tossed him into Randy Orton, indicating a possible three-way conflict.

    In order to best enjoy WrestleMania XXX, Daniel Bryan fans will have to become resigned to the fact that Bryan will not be competing for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE's ultimate showcase. In fact, it is that very reality that will drive his feud against authority-figure Triple H.

    In addition, several reasons persist as to why Bryan's road to WrestleMania will end in a match against Triple H. At this point, the first-time encounter has basically been penciled in.

1. CM Punk Departure Shakes Up WrestleMania Picture

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Based on the top WrestleMania matches that leaked a few months back, everything is going according to plan. The two exceptions were the rumored matches of Sheamus-Daniel Bryan and CM Punk-Triple H, which clearly had to be changed as a result of CM Punk's departure. 

    Now, Bryan has been inserted into Punk's spot, and Sheamus looks to have drawn Christian. WWE could have had an easier time elevating Bryan to the main event had Punk stuck around since Sheamus is a relatively cold character at the moment.

    But with Triple H in need of a dance partner at WrestleMania, Bryan was the logical choice. His feud with The Game dates back to SummerSlam.

    Had Punk made an unlikely return on March 3 in Chicago, WWE could have reopened its playbook and found cause to book a fatal four-way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship a la WrestleMania 2000.

    As WWE moves forward without one of its biggest stars, however, Bryan's chances at a world title match have evaporated.  

2. Daniel Bryan and Triple H Are Deep into Their Feud

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    Whether Daniel Bryan versus Triple H at WrestleMania was the original plan or not, it is the right plan given their recent history.

    With a match against Triple H alone, WWE will be able to tell the story of Bryan becoming an "A-plus player," debunking Triple H's ongoing comments of Bryan not being a worthy WrestleMania opponent. 

    Bryan's WrestleMania challenge to Triple H last week on Raw all but sealed his fate as somebody who will not be competing for a world championship at WrestleMania.

    Raw ended with Triple H standing tall over Bryan this past week. The feud is in full swing.

    WWE is taking its time getting to the point where Triple H finally accepts Bryan's challenge, which speaks to how much it has invested in this match and why that is not going to change.

    Despite Bryan going one-on-one against Batista, this was just a match to escalate the conflict Bryan has with The Authority, and it is only a matter of time before these conflicts result in an inevitable Bryan-Triple H match.

3. Batista and Randy Orton Are Deep into Their Feud

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    Batista teased a match against Randy Orton upon his return on the January 20 edition of Raw. The two have been going back-and-forth almost every week since, with their ties as former members of Evolution being used as a catalyst.

    At this point, to squeeze Daniel Bryan in the mix would come off as forced and awkward. Batista has already won the Royal Rumble, and Orton went over at the Elimination Chamber. The two former allies will face off at WrestleMania as a result. 

    And although WWE has turned Batista heel, Orton and The Authority have had a rocky relationship for the past several weeks. WWE could easily switch Orton to the babyface role if The Authority decides to make Batista the face of the WWE.

    Either way, the threat of fans negatively receiving this match is part of what makes it intriguing, and WWE will be equipped to make that very component a vital part of the match.  More on this later.

4. The Shield Triple Threat Match Seems Inevitable

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    The Shield gets one step closer to dissension with every passing week. The turmoil within the three-man group will most likely lead to a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania.

    This past week on Raw, The Shield lost once again to The Wyatt Family. The final image of the match saw Seth Rollins—once an innocent peacemaker during Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose's battle of one-upmanship—standing from afar while his team got beat.

    If and when a Reigns-Rollins-Ambrose match is announced, WWE will be even less likely to make the call to add Bryan to the WrestleMania main event.

    More times than not, WrestleMania does not accommodate Triple Threat matches, and in years that it has, there's only room for one.

    Should The Shield's feuding result in a Triple Threat civil war, any hope for another Triple Threat match to feature Daniel Bryan, Batista and Randy Orton will be just that, hope.

5. Daniel Bryan Fan Outrage Is Becoming Part of the Story

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    The great irony about the plight of Daniel Bryan is the more outraged fans become that he is not competing for a world championship, the less likely he will become a world champion simply because the Yes Movement itself is a subplot.

    Monday on Raw, Daniel Bryan was booked to encourage fans to "hijack Raw," which was a response by WWE to growing sentiments that a hostile Chicago crowd was prone to taking over the show.

    Instead of resisting this scenario, WWE has embraced it. Angry fans are now part of the storyline as opposed to changing it.

    Daniel Bryan as an overlooked underdog is what makes him so popular. It also plays right into the standard storyline of an authority figure keeping a fan favorite down because he does not fit the mold of a prototypical WWE Superstar.

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