Keep Ferarri and Get Rid Of Max, The FIA and Bernie Ecclestone

Jo DevizesContributor IFebruary 17, 2017

Well Ferrari is threatening a separate series with the rest of FOCA (Formula One Constructors Association) and why not?

The governing body of the sport is the FIA which is headed by the son of a well known fascist who is payed so much money he can afford to rent a dungeon full of whores to whip him, and is on the record as saying Formula 1 can do without Ferrari. (OK so I was laying it on with a trowel).

Well Max, I think that rather F1 can do without you, it can do without Bernie but it will be a much poorer place if the only surviving team that was there at the beginning, no longer races.

This cap in the budget is a tragic thing, maybe Max would like to make a deal to buy last years A1GP cars and run the F1 GP with them. That would surely be a money saving scheme.

This is meant to be the pinnacle, the absolute pinnacle of motor sport and should not have a cap on the budget. If you cannot afford to compete, go to a formula you can afford. Simple