Alexander Gustafsson vs. Jimi Manuwa: Twitter Reacts to Main Event

Nathan McCarterFeatured ColumnistMarch 8, 2014

Alexander Gustafsson in action against Mauricio
Gregory Payan/Associated Press

Alexander Gustafsson has earned his second shot at the UFC light heavyweight championship with his second-round TKO victory over Jimi Manuwa.

He took Manuwa down in the first round and immediately started looking for a submission, but the Brit showcased solid defensive grappling. It was a clear round for Gustafsson, but Manuwa showed he can hold his own on the mat.

The former title challenger proved why he is the No. 1-ranked contender in the second frame. He blasted Manuwa in the face with a knee and followed up with a barrage of punches. The referee was forced to stop the action.

Manuwa, ranked No. 11, will go back to the drawing board after getting brutalized by the guy at the top of the food chain. The fight was a great opportunity, but he was not able to capitalize. If nothing else, this provided Manuwa with a great learning experience.

The focus will now switch to Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira. Just whom will Gustafsson face?

After such a performance, one can imagine how the world of social media responded. Let's take a look at Twitter's reaction to UFC Fight Night 37's main event.




Round 1

After a short time on the feet, Gustafsson scored a takedown. He searched for a Kimura lock but was unable to get Manuwa's arm. The Brit battled out of it and managed to stand to finish the round. It was a clear 10-9 for the No. 1-ranked light heavyweight.


Round 2

One minute, 18 seconds into the second frame, and it was over. Gustafsson landed a strong knee with Manuwa against the fence and pelted him with punches until the referee intervened. A jubilant Gustafsson celebrated the all-important victory.